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Pureness is the top priority in food processing, where anything that comes into contact with food for consumption must be 100% safe. TotalEnergies has been supporting the industry with food-safe products for over 60 years with our Nevastane range of lubricants, which includes oils, greases, aerosols and more. Up and down the production line, you can count on TotalEnergies to deliver the right product for your equipment, and we are ideally positioned to be your fuel supplier too.



Nevastane food-safe lubricants

Keep your machinery running at optimum performance with Nevastane, the leading brand of food grade products by TotalEnergies. The range includes oils, greases, aerosols and specific products such as flush oils and even anti-freeze. You can be confident in the purity of our products. Benefits include:

  • No compounds of animal origin.
  • No allergens and no GMO ingredients.
  • Kosher and Halal certification.
  • Nevastane products meet NSF H1 standard.
  • Compliant with ISO 21469 for food safety.

Within the Nevastane range we offer specific products for sectors including food processing, beverages, fruit and vegetables, cocoa, bakeries and more.


The best technical support

Kerstin Weinhold, operator, on the reactor B of methanol synthesis. POX (production of methanol) unit of the refinery of Leuna

Alongside our superb Nevastane range, our TotalEnergies can support your operation with a range of useful services. Our experts can carry out food safety audits in relation to the lubricants you are using, and help with the implementation of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan. We can recommend the right products and help you consolidate your use and supply of lubricants, and even offer on-site training. Plus, our TIG 6 software will help you manage your maintenance and lube change scheduling, lubricant supply, and more.





Fuel supply

As well as being a world leader in the development and supply of the latest lubricants, TotalEnergies is a major fuel supplier with high quality products to support the food industry. Our Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel is the first choice for customers who deliver food products around the UK, and TotalEnergies gas oil is used to heat warehouses and power refrigeration units on trucks. Talk to us today about meeting your company’s fuel requirements.