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From paints to wood stains and on to roof sealant products, we lead the way with technologically innovative, durable coating solutions. Developed to meet the needs of today’s customers across a range of industries, our products also satisfy stringent safety standards in their respective categories

Products for paints, stains and more

TotalEnergies supplies three ranges of solvents that are ideal for the formulation of decorative coatings, including paints, stains, resins and more:

  • Spirdane – our white spirits range is used for fast evaporation rates.
  • Ketrul – kerosene-based solvents that are perfect for a slower evaporation rate.
  • Isane – TotalEnergies isoparaffins are the best choice for odourless coatings.

With extremely low aromatic content and high flashpoints, these three solvents are an excellent choice for making safer decorative coatings, and we can support you if you need to change formulations to meet European Decopaint Directive 2004/42/EC to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) content.



Waterproofing and anti-corrosion solutions

Our Bitumen division isn’t only focused on roads – we supply the most effective coating products for waterproofing, anti-corrosion and other industrial applications. The Total Altek offers solutions for waterproof membrane and insulation roofing applications, and we have the flexibility to supply these products in bulk or in blocks for on-site melting. Elasticity, adhesion, cohesion and durability – look no further than TotalEnergies for your waterproofing and anti-corrosion solutions.