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Improving productivity, controlling costs, keeping machinery running smoothly, and cutting your environmental impact – these are just some of the challenges faced by automobile and car part manufacturers. TotalEnergies is here to help. From our comprehensive product range, through to support services that will improve the way you use lubricants, we offer the right solutions for an ever-changing industry.


Lubricants that improve productivity


With innovative products designed for the latest equipment, we’ve got the entire production line covered. Car bodies, parts, heat exchangers, tyres – at TotalEnergies we offer several product lines for each stage of the process. And, at every stage our lubricants offer the best performance and durability. Because they reduce friction and protect parts, our lubricants offer the greatest efficiency and reduce the costs associated with breakdowns. And because they’re durable, there’s less downtime for oil changes and more of your equipment remains online for longer. Finally, we are striving towards lubricants that reduce energy consumption, and have less impact on the environment, such as sustainable and biodegradable options.




Superb lubricant support services

When you succeed, we succeed. That’s why we offer on-site technical assistance. We can audit your lubricant usage, suggest the best lubricants for your machinery on a bespoke basis, and provide you with tools to help you manage lubricant stock levels, as well as scheduling maintenance and lube changes. Working with TotalEnergies, you can make sure you’re always using the right oils and greases, keep on top of your stock, and make sure all your equipment is running optimally. The improvements we can facilitate in productivity will ß.





ANAC lubricant analysis

By analysing your in-service lubricants, we can help you prevent breakdowns before they happen. Send us samples of the oils and greases you’re using, and our ANAC service will analyse the functional qualities of the lubricant, giving you vital information on how wear and tear is affecting the mechanical parts based on the composition of the fluid.

We can identify sources of contamination, and detect problems giving you the opportunity to carry out maintenance. Ultimately, it means fewer breakages, lower maintenance costs, and less downtime for your facility. Our detailed analysis will be available to you online within 72 hours.