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To meet the UK’s increasing energy demand, we are making major investments in electricity from renewable sources.

Wind power is one of the largest sources of renewable electricity in the UK. Continued investment in wind will be vital to meeting carbon emissions targets in the coming decades.

We have invested in several offshore wind developments in the UK which will have the capacity to deliver over 5GW of renewable power this decade:

  • Seagreen, located 27km off the coast of Angus, is Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm (1.1GW) and the world’s deepest fixed bottom wind farm. It is the first offshore wind farm to use the suction-bucket jackets at commercial scale for its foundations. Built in partnership with SSE Renewables, it can deliver enough renewable energy to power more than 1.6 million UK homes and has potential for further extension
  • In the Celtic Sea, off the coast of south-west Wales, we are developing the floating offshore wind farm Erebus (100MW)
  • Off the coast of Lincolnshire, we are working with our partner Corio Generation on the 1.5GW Outer Dowsing wind farm, a fixed-bottom project
  • Together with Corio Generation and RIDG, we are working on the West of Orkney wind farm, a 2GW fixed-bottom project, with an option for floating, located between Orkney and Caithness

Since our involvement in the energy sector in the 1960s, we’ve found that the UK offers the skills, infrastructure and supply chain needed to make a success of major energy projects, and this remains true as we work towards our ambitious plans for offshore wind. 

We are committed to inspiring and encouraging the next generation to embark on a career in this exciting industry. This includes assisting with the transition of expertise by supporting our employees working on our oil and gas projects to transfer their skill-sets to our offshore wind and other renewables projects.