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Adhesives have so many crucial roles to play both in industry and in the home. They’re used in wood and timber manufacture, furnishing, leather, packaging, garments, electronics and more. And, they are playing increasingly important roles in automotive manufacturing and construction. With TotalEnergies’ experience working alongside glue and adhesive manufacturers, we’ve refined a range of hydrocarbon solvents to address the varied challenges of processing the products and their final performance.


SOLANE RANGE : Hydrocarbon solvent for glues and adhesives

Adhesive techniques are now well-known and are increasingly used in a great variety of applications including the automotive industry, construction and building. These techniques are also of particular interest to the wood/timber, furnishing, leather goods, packaging and electronic industries.

Hydrocarbon solvents SOLANE for adhesive applications offer formulators:

Consistent performance

Total’s Solane range of hydrocarbon solvents includes numerous products developed specifically for adhesive and glue formulators. Our R&D teams are constantly fine-tuning and refining our solutions, so that they offer the key thing manufacturers require: consistent and predictable performance. Many regulations regarding health and safety and the environment have come into play in recent years, and our products have moved with the times – they meet and exceed the guidelines while maintaining their performance as solvents. Depending on what you are manufacturing, our Solane products can dissolve various types of binders and polymers for smooth application, and give you control over the drying properties of your product.



Versatile product range

Our Solane products are used to formulate many key products, including contact adhesives used in footwear and construction, pressure-sensitive adhesives for tapes and labels, and hot melt PSA used in craft and with many industrial applications. Many more specific types of adhesives are covered, and key products in the range include:

Contact our team to discuss your specific formulation requirements, and we’ll find the right solution.




Safer and more effective

The range includes aliphatic, cycloaliphatic and naphthenic fluids, and some aromatic solvents. Many Solane products are designed for the formulation of safer adhesive products, with under 20ppm aromatic compounds in order to meet toxicological and ecotoxicological regulations. Most have under 1ppm benzene, and all are guaranteed to be below 5ppm. Our experts are on hand to help you select the right products and/or adjust formulations in order to meet REACH regulation amendments such as EC 1907/2006 annex XVII.