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Welcome to the website (the “Website"). By connecting to the Website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted without limitation or reservation these General Terms and Conditions of Use and the Personal Data Protection Policy. Please note that if you visit other websites of the TotalEnergies Company, different general terms and conditions and policies concerning personal data protection apply to these websites. It is recommended that you carefully read their legal notices.

1. Identity

Company publishing the Website (referred to herein as the “Company”):

TotalEnergies Marketing UK Limited

Registered office: 10 Upper Bank Street (19th floor), Canary Wharf, London E14 5BF – UNITED KINGDOM

Registered number: 00553535

E-mail: [email protected] 

Phone number: 0207 339 8000


Technical design and development of the internet site:

Cap Gemini

Simplified stock company registered capital of 1,050,000 € whose head office is located at 11 rue de Tilsitt, 75017 Paris

Listed in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under No. 652 025 792

Phone number: +33 (0)1 47 54 50 00



Acquia Cloud Site Factory located at Frankfurt, Germany

Headquarter located at 53 State Street, Boston, MA 02109, USA 

Dun and Bradstreet (D&B):   015922699

Phone number: +1 617-588-9600


Subsidiaries and affiliates of TotalEnergies S.E. have their own legal existence and independent legal status. The Company publishing this Website belongs to TotalEnergies S.E. “TotalEnergies” is sometimes used in this Website for convenience where references are generally made to TotalEnergies S.E. (the holding company) and its subsidiaries and affiliates. Likewise, the words “we”, “us” and “our” are used to refer to the Company or subsidiary or affiliate of TotalEnergies S.E. in general or to those who work for them. These expressions are also used where no useful purpose is served by identifying the particular company or companies. It cannot be inferred from these expressions that TotalEnergies S.E. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates are involved in the business and management of any other company, subsidiary or affiliate.


2. Information About Activities

This Website presents information concerning certain activities of the Company and TotalEnergies S.E. The Company may modify the information contained in this Website at any time and without prior notice. This information is provided as general information without any guarantees that it is fit for any specific purpose.


3. Intellectual Property

3.1 Company Property

3.1.1    All information or documents (text, animated or static images, databases, sounds, photographs, know-how or cited products) stored in the Website as well as all elements created for the Website and its general structure are either the property of the Company or TotalEnergies are subject to rights to use, duplicate or communicate to the public that have been granted to such.

3.1.2    This information, documents and items are subject to laws protecting copyright insofar as they have been made available to the public via this Website. No licence or any right other than to view the Website has been granted to any party with regard to intellectual property rights.

3.1.3    Duplication of Website documents is authorised solely as information for personal and private usage. Any duplication or usage of copies made for other purposes is formally prohibited and subject to prior and formal authorisation by the Company. In all cases, authorised duplication of information stored in this Website must cite the source and make adequate references as to proprietary.

3.2 Distinguishing Marks

Unless otherwise stipulated, company names, logotypes, products and brands quoted on the Website are the property of the Company or TotalEnergies are subject to rights to use, duplicate or represent/communicate to the public that have been granted to such. You may not use them without prior written authorisation from the Company.



The Company is the controller of databases on the Website and the Company is the owner of any databases made available. You may not extract or reuse a substantial qualitative or quantitative portion of the databases, including for private purpose.


4. Your Undertakings  

4.1 Right to Use Information

Each visitor of the Website providing information grants the Company all transferable rights concerning said information and authorises the Company to make use of such. Information provided by visitors shall not be deemed to be confidential. However, the information provided may be personal data as defined by applicable law, which means we undertake to process said information in accordance with our Personal Data Protection Policy, which applies to this Website.

4.2 Compliance with Law

Each visitor of this Website also certifies that he or she complies with these measures and current laws and in particular:

- Has the ability and means required to access the Website and use it.

- Has verified that the IT configuration used does not contain any virus and that it is in full working order.

- Grants the Company and partners where applicable a right to use the information provided (other than data of a personal nature).

- Must keep confidential and is consequently liable for the use and security of access codes and passwords that the Company may send you to access specific sections. The Company reserves the right to suspend your access to the Website in the event of fraudulent use or attempts at fraudulent use of said access.


5. Hypertext Links

5.1 Activation of links.

The Company formally declines any liability as to the content of websites to which it provides links. Said links are offered to users of this Website as a service. Please consult the general terms and conditions and the personal data protection policy for the websites in order to understand their practice. The decision to use links is made solely by the Website users. We may modify or delete a link on this Website at any moment.


5.2 Link authorisation.

If you wish to create a hypertext link to this Website, you must obtain prior written authorisation from the Company using the contact details provided at the end of this document.


6. Formal Notice

6.1 Information

6.1.1 The information (“Information”) available on this www (World Wide Web) server is provided in good faith.

6.1.2 This Information is considered correct when it is published on the Website. However, the Company neither represents nor guarantees that the Information is comprehensive or accurate. You bear all the risks arising from your reliance on the Information. The Information is provided on the condition that you or any other person receiving it can determine its interest for a specific purpose before use. Under no circumstances will the Company accept liability for injury arising from reliance on the said Information, its use or use of a product to which it refers.

6.1.3 The Information shall not be deemed a recommendation to use information, products, procedures, equipment or formulae contravening a patent, copyright or registered trade mark. The Company declines any explicit or implicit liability in the event that use of the Information contravenes a patent, copyright or registered trade mark.

6.1.4 The Company and TotalEnergies categorically rejects any interpretation which may assimilate the content of its websites to purchase offers or incitements to acquire shares or other listed or unlisted negotiable securities.

6.1.5 No explicit or implicit guarantee is given regarding the commercial nature of the Information provided or its suitability for a given purpose as well as the products to which said Information refers to.

6.1.6 Under no circumstances does the Company undertake to update or correct the Information disseminated on the Internet or on its web servers. Similarly, the Company reserves the right to amend or correct the content of its Website at any time without prior notification.

Forward-Looking Statements

6.2.1 The Information presented in this Website may contain forward-looking statements concerning the financial position, operating results, activities and industrial strategy of the Company or TotalEnergies. Such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties. These statements are based on the beliefs and assumptions of management and on the information currently available to management. Forward-looking statements include information concerning forecasts, projections, anticipated synergies, and other information concerning possible or assumed future results and may be preceded by, followed by, or otherwise include the words “believes”, “expects”, “anticipates”, “intends”, “plans”, “targets”, “estimates” or similar expressions. Forward-looking statements are not assurances of results or values. They involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. Future results may differ materially from those expressed in these forward-looking statements. Many of the factors that will determine these results and values are beyond the Company’s ability to control or predict.

6.2.2 The documents included in this website may contain forward-looking information on TotalEnergies (including objectives and trends), as well as forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, notably with respect to the financial condition, results of operations, business, strategy and plans of TotalEnergies. These data do not represent forecasts within the meaning of European Regulation No. 809/2004. Such forward-looking information and statements included in these documents are based on a number of economic data and assumptions made in a given economic, competitive and regulatory environment. They may prove to be inaccurate in the future, and are subject to a number of risk factors that could lead to a significant difference between actual results and those anticipated, including currency fluctuations, the price of petroleum products, the ability to realise cost reductions and operating efficiencies without unduly disrupting business operations, environmental regulatory considerations and general economic and business conditions. Certain financial information is based on estimates particularly in the assessment of the recoverable value of assets and potential impairments of assets relating thereto.

Neither TotalEnergies nor any of its subsidiaries assumes any obligation to update publicly any forward-looking information or statement, objectives or trends contained in these documents whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Further information on factors, risks and uncertainties that could affect the Company’s financial results or TotalEnergies' activities is provided in the most recent Registration Document, the French language version of which is filed by TotalEnergies with the French Autorité des Marchés Financiers and annual report on Form 20-F filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

6.3 Availability

The Company does not guarantee that the Website will operate without interruption or that the servers ensuring access to it operate and/or the third party sites to which hypertext links refer do not contain viruses.


7. Updates of terms and conditions of use of the Website and applicable law

The Company may update these Conditions of Use of the Website at any time. Consequently, you are invited to regularly refer to the latest Conditions of Use in effect. These general conditions of use of the Website are subject to applicable laws.


8. Contact Details

You may direct all questions concerning conditions of use of the Website by e-mail to [email protected] or by post to the following address:

TotalEnergies Marketing UK Limited

10 Upper Bank Street (19th floor), Canary Wharf, London E14 5BF – UNITED KINGDOM

Attention: Company Secretary


Version: 1 October 2021



TotalEnergies S.E. and its subsidiaries and affiliates ("TotalEnergies") promote a culture and practices protecting personal data(1), in accordance with the applicable laws. To this end, TotalEnergies has implemented binding corporate rules ("BCRs").

This document summarises the data protection principles that apply under our BCRs and the rights granted by them.



Our BCRs are a set of internal binding rules, which are applicable to all of the TotalEnergies subsidiaries that have adopted them. They have been approved by the European data protection authorities.

They allow TotalEnergies subsidiaries to transfer personal data originating from the European Economic Area ("EEA")(2) to TotalEnergies subsidiaries located outside of the EEA in compliance with the applicable law.



Our BCRs apply to all EEA-originating personal data processed by TotalEnergies subsidiaries including data relating to former and current employees, job applicants, clients and prospective clients, suppliers and sub-contractors and the staff of third companies acting on behalf of TotalEnergies subsidiaries as well as shareholders (hereafter "data subjects").



The following principles set out in our BCRs must be respected: 

  • Lawfulness

Any processing(3) operation carried out within TotalEnergies has a legal basis, provided by the applicable law.

Personal data must only be processed for legitimate and lawful purposes. The data must not be further processed in a way which is incompatible with those purposes.

  • Relevance

Personal data must be accurate and proportionate, in terms of quality and quantity, in relation to the purpose of the processing.

  • Transparency

Personal data must be obtained lawfully and loyally. Data subjects must be informed about the characteristics of the processing of their personal data and about their rights, unless this proves impossible or would involve disproportionate efforts.

  • Security

Personal data must be protected by appropriate security measures to limit the risks of unauthorised access, destruction, alteration or loss.

When calling upon the services of a third party to process personal data, TotalEnergies subsidiary makes sure that the latter offers sufficient guarantees as regards the security and confidentiality of data.

  • Retention

Personal data must be retained only for a reasonable and not excessive period of time with regard to the purpose of the processing.

When the retention period expires, the data is destroyed, anonymised or archived.

  • International transfers(4) of personal data

TotalEnergies does not transfer personal data originating from a country of the EEA directly to a TotalEnergies subsidiary located in a third country which does not provide an adequate level of protection, unless such subsidiary has formally subscribed to the BCRs or uses another legal instrument recognised by the European Commission.

TotalEnergies does not transfer personal data originating from the EEA directly to a company not belonging to TotalEnergies located in a country which does not provide an adequate level of data protection (data controller or processor) without a legal basis under applicable law and instruments providing for sufficient safeguards, such as the standard contractual clauses.

Similarly, where a data importer further transfers personal data originating from the EEA to a company not belonging to TotalEnergies (data controller or processor) located in a country which does not provide an adequate level of data protection, the data importer shall enter into an agreement with this company whereby it commits to observe the principles of BCRs.



Under our BCRs, data subjects whose personal data are processed have the following rights:

  • Right of access to the data
  • Right to rectify, erase and lock data
  • Right to object to the processing
  • Right to limit the processing


A comprehensive list of the rights granted by the BCRs is detailed in APPENDIX 1 hereafter.

Data subjects may exercise these rights by submitting a request using the contact details provided in the legal notice concerning the processing of their data. TotalEnergies subsidiaries undertake to give replies within a reasonable timeframe about queries concerning the processing outside the EEA.

Moreover, if data subjects believe that a TotalEnergies subsidiary has failed to observe our BCRs, they have the right to lodge a complaint by sending:

  • An e-mail to : [email protected]; or
  • A letter to TotalEnergies – DATA PROTECTION, Tour Coupole, 2 place Jean Millier, Arche Nord Coupole/Regnault, 92078 PARIS LA DEFENSE CEDEX.


Data subjects will be informed about the status of their complaint and of any further steps.

The internal complaint procedure is described in APPENDIX 2 hereafter.

The fact that data subjects may file a complaint with TotalEnergies does not affect their rights to lodge a complaint with the competent EEA data protection authorities or to bring an action before the courts of the EEA country where the TotalEnergies subsidiary responsible for exporting the personal data is established.


6. CHANGES TO TotalEnergies' RULES

If necessary, our BCRs may be amended or updated.



A copy of the comprehensive version of BCRs and a list of TotalEnergies subsidiaries can be obtained by sending an e-mail to: [email protected].




(1) Personal data means any information enabling the direct or indirect identification of a natural person.

(2) EEA means Member States of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

(3) Processing means any operation which is performed upon personal data, whether or not by automatic means (e.g.: collection, recording, storage, destruction…).

(4) Transfer means all virtual and physical exchanges of EEA-originating personal data from one country to another.







In accordance with the provisions of the personal data protection regulation, TotalEnergies as data controller will process your data for the purposes of handling of your requests, providing the services of its website and for its legitimate interest. Any mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

In accordance with current regulations, you have the right to access, correct, delete and object to the use of your personal data. You may ask for your personal data to be sent to you and you have the right to give instructions for the use of your personal data after your death. You can also ask for restriction of the data, portability of the data and/or make a claim to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). For any request please use the contact form or send it to the following address:


TotalEnergies Marketing UK Limited

10 Upper Bank Street (19th floor), Canary Wharf, London E14 5BF – UNITED KINGDOM

Attn: Data Collection Officer