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Six pillars of communication – your goals are our goals

TotalEnergies is a global leader in energy, lubricants, special fluids and bitumen, supplying high quality products across a wide range of industries. One of the most important things we’ve learned over the decades is how important it is to work in partnership with our customers, and that means listening to and understanding your business objectives and your values.

Through face-to-face engagement with our customers, we've identified key challenges faced by business today. Underpinning everything is sustainability. By adapting our business, and using our capacity for innovation, we can help our customers to achieve profitability and sustainability at the same time. Built on the broad foundations of achieving sustainability, our six pillars demonstrate we understand the challenges faced by your business in today’s challenging environments


Our MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) mastering bitumen for better roads and innovation applications

Health & Safety

Our commitment to health and safety is part of everything we do at TotalEnergies, and we make no compromises on this fundamental company value.

Asset management

Total Bitumen products enable our customers to achieve predictable performance. This is vital for efficient Asset Management.

Lower working temperature

From developing lubricants that reduce friction and lower engine temperatures through to bitumen products that can be mixed at lower temperatures, TotalEnergies is continually innovating to find solutions that reduce energy consumption.


TotalEnergies is committed to providing innovative, safer, cleaner, efficient and accessible energy. 

Supply Chain Security

We are the UK's only integrated refiner offering unparalleled material traceability.