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Purity, flexibility, quality and safety – TotalEnergies provides solutions that are perfect for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Both in terms of white oils to lubricate machinery used in the process, and emollients to form the base of products themselves, TotalEnergies has you covered.

JELLYSEAL: highly purified and refined waxes and oils of mineral origin

JELLYSEAL, our new range specifically developed to be compliant with the high requirements of cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.

JELLYSEAL is compliant with European pharmacopeia and produced according to GMP standards. 

JELLYSEAL’s properties such as moisturizing, emollient and healing properties are appreciated. 


  • Skin care
  • Make-up
  • Deodorant
  • Baby care
  • Hair care
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic creams and ointments

  • Compliant with European pharmacopeia 
  • Produced according to GMP¹ standards 
  • Not concerned by TSE/BSE² or GMO³
  • Compliant with cosmetic regulation No. 1223/2009 and its modifications
  • Exempt from all SVHC⁴ (REACH) substances, allergens, pesticides, CMR, heavy metals, residual solvents, nanoparticles, dioxin etc.
  • Compliant with FDA 21 CFR 176.170

¹ GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices
² TSE/BSE: Transmissible Animal Spongiform Encephalopathy 
³ GMO: Genetically Modified Organisms
⁴ SVHC: Substance of Very High Concern


GEMSEAL : Emollients for cosmetics

GEMSEAL are alkanes with INCI from C13-15 Alkanes to C21-28 Alkane

GEMSEAL range of alkanes: hydrocarbon emollients for cosmetics

Very stable and readily biodegradable, GEMSEAL® emollients combine unrivalled purity with perfect skin tolerance and a broad array of sensorial qualities.

Extremely easy to implement, very safe, colorless and offering high UV stability, GEMSEAL® hydrocarbon emollients are particularly recommended for the formulation of dermo-cosmetic products.

The Gemseal range offers excellent compatibility with vegetable oils, silicone oils or emulsifiers available on the market.

GEMSEAL® alkanes offer a comprehensive range of hydrocarbon emollient solutions with subtle texture grading. Their qualities make them fully suitable for all types of beauty product formulation:

  • Skin care & hair care
  • Hygiene & sun care
  • Make-up

GEMSEAL® dry oils are specialty alkanes. They offer a new alternative to oil phases ordinarily used in formulation.

Gemseal inert oils give access to a comprehensive palette of viscosity to address all types of formulas from skincare, hygiene and make up to hair care and sun care products.

  • Gemseal 25 is a volatile alkane with unique sensory properties: dry touch, a significant evaporation rate and ease of spreading. It is a good alternative tocyclomethicone and isododecane.
  • Gemseal 40 is brighter than Gemseal 25; it also has a dry touch and a significant evaporation rate. It is a good alternative to cyclomethicone,dimethicone and isododecane.
  • Gemseal 60, emollient less volatile, delivers a softer and more generous touch. It is particularly suited to the formulation of hair care products or cream. It is a good alternative to dimethiconol and isohexadecane.
  • Gemseal 120 is the brightest alkane in the range. Its rich and creamy sensory properties (but never greasy) make it particularly suitable for cream formulation. It is a good alternative to isohexadecane or low-viscosity white oils.


Gemseal 25

Gemseal 40

Gemseal 60

Gemseal 120

Vicosity (40°C) cst






C13-15 alkane

C15-19 alkane

C18-21 alkane

C21-28 alkane





These emollients are extremely pures. They are free of volatile aromatic compounds, heavy metals, phthalates, CMR, or allergens.

  • Non irritant to skin and eye (OECD guideline N°404 and OECD guideline N°405)
  • Non mutagenic (B. N. AMES Method)
  • Non comedogenic (Clinical study)
  • No oral and dermal toxicity (OECD guideline N°401 and OECD guideline N°402)
  • Non-occlusive
  • Non-sensitizing (Repeated patch test)

All Gemseal emollients are biodegradable (OECD 301F).

The Gemseal cosmetic emollients obtained the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions labeldue to the significant advantage they bring in terms of environmental impact. Indeed, they are classified as "readily biodegradable" (GHS / CLP) and they reduce emissions of greenhouse gas by 86 % compared to silicone oils used in this market.

For the significant advantage they offer in terms of environmental impact, GEAMSEAL cosmetic emollients have been awarded the TotalEnergies Ecosolution label: for their best efficiency in line with their lower impact on both human health and environment.

Find out more about the program and the label at:

*The certification process has been verified by an independent external auditor. 


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