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With decades of experience in the sector, today we offer a complete range of innovative products dedicated to agricultural equipment.

As new technologies are rolled out for farm machinery, TotalEnergies​ develops tailored solutions for the latest equipment while continuing to support existing machinery.

Reliable, durable, cost effective and innovative – our products meet the needs of today’s farmers.



Total TRACTAGRI – the best engine oil in the field

COMPREHENSIVE range tailored to meet the technological requirements of the latest farming equipment and also earlier generations. Meeting all international standards and approved by leading farming equipment manufacturers.

INNOVATIVE products and services designed from years of research. Our Fuel Economy lubricants and Biolubricants are an environmental and cost-effective response to the demands of the industry, constantly in need of reliable equipment, which also complies with environmental regulations.

High performance lubricant designed for turbocharged or naturally aspirated engines used in tractors and agricultural machines. It is specially adapted to engines used in severe conditions as in harvesting equipments and soil preparation machines. Its excellent oxidation resistance guarantees proper lubrication during the oil life, particularly in recent engines with longer oil drain intervals.

Our high quality Tractagri products offer the following benefits:

  • Excellent viscosity for continuous lubrication of engines, gears and hydraulic components.
  • Outstanding anti-wear properties extending working life of equipment.
  • Resistant to extreme pressure, corrosion and foaming.
  • Completely inert to seals.
  • Reduces friction for silent clutch and braking operation.
  • Fewer lubricants are needed around the farm meaning fewer oil change errors and lower costs.

We are a leading supplier of cutting edge Fuel Economy technology to reduce fuel use and emissions in agricultural equipment. By reducing friction in the engine with TotalEnergies ​Tractagri FE and in the transmission with our Dynatrans VX FE transmission oil.


With our Fuel Economy lubricants you can benefit from:

  • Save up to 4% using Tractagri FE engine oils.*
  • Save up to 6% using Tractagri FE alongside Dynatrans VX FE transmission fluid.*
  • Reduce your carbon emissions by over 1.5 tonnes per year, per tractor.*


What our customers say


*Average fuel savings generated during tests carried out at the Burgundy CUMA on a 165hp tractor, compared with the fuel consumption measured when using standard 15W-40 lubricants for both the engine and the transmission system. Fuel savings generated: 5.1% on roads, 5.8% in fields and 7.1% on a power test bench.

TOTAL DYNATRANS Transmission oil - powering your farm

Our Dynatrans range of transmission fluids includes products suitable for mechanical transmissions, hydraulic systems, axles and differentials, brakes and more. Protecting parts and reducing friction, noise and vibration, these products promote cleanliness in the machinery and help it function efficiently. For highly loaded gear systems, look for our Transmission Axle range to guarantee high performance.

Lubricant for transmissions fitted with oil-immersed disk brakes and hydraulic systems on agricultural tractors.

  • Special friction coefficient for brakes and immersed clutch plates
  • Very good stability in service
  • Great shear resistance

Our range of transmission and gearbox lubricants offers some excellent benefits:

  • Complete range of products, adapted to leading manufacturer specifications and applications.
  • Excellent performance at high temperatures and pressures.
  • Reducing friction gives optimum protection for components.
  • Anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foaming properties.
  • Good seal performance.
  • Clean and long lasting.

Agricultural Hydraulic fluids - effective at all temperatures

With our expertise in lubricant manufacture, we are able to offer lubricants for hydraulic systems specially designed for hydraulic systems operating to wide temperature variations. Our Hydraulic fluids also have very high viscosity index for very steady operation and easy starting at any temperature. Even at very low temperatures, our hydraulic fluids are able to work perfectly due to very low pour point and they are totally neutral for gaskets and seals.

Agricultural coolants - stay cool

Did you know that 22% of vehicle failures are caused by problems with the cooling system? With TotalEnergies​ Coolelf coolants, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and keep your vehicle running efficiently.

The antifreeze and coolants protect engines against freezing-up, overheating and corrosion of the cooling circuit metals. The performances of the products are enhanced due to organic additives.

  • Long service life.
  • Complete preservation of the anti-corrosion properties due to non-consumption of the additives.
  • Absence of any formation of deposit liable to hinder the heat transfer capacity. 

COOLELF AUTO SUPRA -37°C is a very long life coolant based on monoethylene glycol and organic inhibitors of corrosion. COOLELF AUTO SUPRA -37°C is ready for use, as it is already mixed with demineralised water. “Ultra long duration” cooling liquid with a monoethylene glycol base of great purity and organic corrosion inhibitors, from discoveries made in the realm of the protection of materials in a corrosive atmosphere.

Chainsaw oil

Our high quality chainsaw oil has an oustanding protection against wear and tear on the chassis and equipment, which protects the chain at the same time. Our oil also helps to prevent chainsaw failure, extending the life of the chain and improveing the cutting performance, which increase the reliability of your equipments.

Lubricants for chainsaw chains suitable for the lost oil lubrication of fast-moving machinery: wood chainsaw chains, conveyor belts, etc.

  • Reduced splattering
  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Significantly reduced wear

Agricultural greases

TotalEnergies​ offers a very wide range of lubricating greases for all applications in a variety of sectors: heavy industry (cement plants, iron and steel…), agrifood, papermaking, public works, transport, agriculture and marine.

TotalEnergies​ lubricating greases can be classified by Families depending on the nature of their soap or thickener.

The soap or thickener bestows properties to the greases, such as a multipurpose character, resistance to water, resistance to high temperature, adhesiveness.

Within each family, the greases will be classified according to their range of applications and specific performances.