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With six winning product ranges, plus fluxes to meet all your requirements, TotalEnergies is your partner of choice when it comes to bitumen. We only use TotalEnergies group homologated crude oil sources in our products. This means we know what goes into every kilogram of bitumen we produce. For tougher roads today, and the bitumen solutions of tomorrow, turn to TotalEnergies.


Our Bitumen range

Covering motorways, airfields, racetracks, architectural colour asphalts and, of course, roads – TotalEnergies is your one-stop-shop for bitumen products.

Sustainability and durability are at the heart of everything we do in the road surfacing industry, and with us as your partner you’ll be able to build roads that last longer, and reduce energy costs in a variety of ways. Our products include:





  • Azalt ®– the perfect solution when it comes to mixing conventional asphalt, available in a full range of penetration grades.
  • Azalt ECO2 ®– with all the benefits of Azalt, but can be mixed at 40°C lower than normal, lowering your energy costs and emissions.
  • Styrelf ®– a complete range of high performance binders for heavy-duty roads.
  • Kromatis – discover a whole new palette of colours in asphalt surfacing. Kromatis is cost effective and looks great.
  • Emulsis – surface dressing binders and bond coat emulsions to improve skid resistance, waterproofing and more.
  • Aqualt – a full range of bitumens for emulsion manufacture, typically used for surface dressing, tack coats and patchings.


Flux oils

Petroleum distillates are commonly used as flux agents to reduce the viscosity of bitumen when it’s used for road surfacing. As a world-leading specialist in bitumen products, TotalEnergies has developed the Greenflux range to meet the varying needs of road builders:
The Greenflux range meets all current health and safety standards.





  • Greenflux 2000 – for bitumen and bitumen emulsion.
  • Greenflux SD – for bitumen and bitumen emulsion with elastomers.
  • Greenflux 3000 – for cold mixing and improved workability at ambiant temperature.