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Wood processing and paper manufacture are competitive industries. Equipment downtime could mean losses for your company, while failure can be even more damaging, with added maintenance and replacement costs. With our decades of experience in the industry and sustained investment in R&D, TotalEnergies is here to support you with durable products that keep your plant up and running. Major manufacturers like Metso and Voight rely on TotalEnergies for their lubricant needs, and you can too.


The best paper production lubricants

High temperatures, humidity, corrosive elements – there are many challenges a lubricant faces in the paper industry. We’ve developed a range of durable, high quality solutions that protect your machinery, and maintain optimum performance at each stage of the process. Look for the following top quality brands:

  • Misola
  • Carter XEP
  • Azolla AF and ZS
  • Ceran XM
  • Altis

Wood panelling and pelleting solutions

Protecting your equipment is vital in the wood processing industry, and heavy loads, high temperatures, dust, humidity and the material itself create a unique set of conditions for your lubricant to overcome. TotalEnergies research and development and industry partnerships have enabled us to develop products to help keep your plant running smoothly, up and down the production line. These solutions have been specially developed for the wood panelling and wood pelleting industries:

  • Bearings
  • Reduction gears
  • Engines and transmissions
  • Other equipment