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Spirdane – high-quality white spirits

Our Spirdane range consists of white spirits products that combine excellent solvent qualities and fast evaporation rates, making them ideal for a range of uses. Manufacturers of paints, degreasing agents, metalworking products and lubricants all swear by our expertly formulated white spirits. From quicker drying paints to highly efficient cleaning products, Spirdane products help companies in a variety of industries to be more productive.

White spirits are complex hydrocarbon substances created by hydro-treating a petroleum cut. The Spirdane range contains three main classes of product:

  • Very low aromatic white spirits
  • Fast evaporation white spirits
  • White spirits with aromatics

Each product has been refined by TotalEnergies for optimum performance.


We produce three classes of white spirits in the Spirdane range, providing you with the solutions you need:

De-aromatised white spirits

There are six very low aromatic white spirits in the Spirdane range including Spirdane L1, D 25, D 30, D 40, D 60 and D 60L. They all have aromatic content below 20ppm, with most at around 10ppm. The benefit of these products is they provide superb solvent and evaporative qualities while remaining within the toxicological and ecotoxological regulations in most countries. Flashpoints range from 25°C for Spirdane D25 up to 59°C for D 60L.


Fast evaporating white spirits

Spirdane D 60L and Spirdane L1 are designed for degreasing and other applications that are on hand to answer any questions you might have. require a fast evaporation rate. They are produced with a very narrow distillation cut, and D 60L has a very high flash point at 59°C resulting in the best evaporation rate.


White spirits with aromatics

Spirdane HT has a higher aromatic content, with a good evaporation profile and excellent solvent qualities.

All the solvents in the range should be used in compliance with EU Directive 2004/42/EC in order to be used in the formulation of decorative paints and varnishes. Although they are solvents, they still have an important role to play in formulations, particularly of industrial products.


You’ll find TotalEnergies Spirdane white spirits used in a whole variety of final products, and with their excellent solvent and evaporation qualities make them ideal for:

  • Resins
  • Paints
  • Cleaning products
  • Degreasers in dispensers or tubs
  • Metalworking formulations
  • And more…

Ketrul – the most versatile range of kerosene products

Though kerosene is mainly used for the manufacture of aviation fuels, our Ketrul range of narrow cut kerosenes is ideal for a variety of other applications. Their slow evaporation rate and excellent solvent qualities make them a useful component of certain paints, degreasers and lubricants. With our commitment to the environment and health and safety, all the products in our Ketrul range have extremely low levels of aromatic content while still delivering excellent performance.

The very low toxological and ecotoxological impact of Ketrul products means they are often the solution customers are looking for. They’re versatile, and are used in everything from paints and varnishes through to cleaning and pest control products. And, because of their low aromatic content, they meet and exceed European regulations.

Kerosene is made during the refining of petroleum by drawing off a cut during distillation with an initial boiling point between 150°C and 180°C and a final boiling point between 225°C and 250°C, which must be sulphur free. After further hydrorefining processes, the kerosenes are then put through a de-aromatisation process and the resulting Ketrul products can be used in a range of applications where lower evaporation rates are required.


The Ketrul range contains the following products formulated by our hydrocarbon fluid experts:


  • Ketrul D 85 and D 100 offer a slow evaporation rate and high flashpoint. Ketrul D 100 has the added benefit of generating zero volatile organic compound emissions, and is therefore classified as non-VOC under EU Directive 1999/13.
  • Ketrul D 60E is a wider cut product with a 60°C flash point sold in the UK.
  • Ketrul D 75 UK is a narrow cut kerosene with 75°C flash point for the UK market.

The drastically reduced aromatic content of Ketrul kerosenes means they can be used to make a wide variety of paint, wood treatment and grease-removal products that fall within safety standards in most countries. That versatility, along with slow evaporation times and high flashpoints, makes them ideal for certain applications including:


  • Paints, especially paints requiring extended opening time.
  • Wood preserving products, where the low evaporation rate allows for greater penetration into the wood.
  • Grease removal, where a high flashpoint means they’re safe to use.
  • Metalworking - rolling, corrosion-prevention fluids, and more.
  • Pest control products.
  • Auto care – cleaning and polishing.
  • Home care – essential oil vaporisers and insect repellents.

Isane – high purity isoparaffins

Our Isane range of isoparaffins delivers excellent performance in a wide range of applications. Offering high levels of purity, low odour and low surface tension, our Isane products are relatively inert. With these unique properties, they’re used to formulate paints, inks, resins, aerosols, soaps and much more.

There are two product lines under the Isane brand. Isane IP products are derived from the refining of crude oil. Meanwhile, TotalEnergies’ unique new technology brings you the Isane Biolife range, made by refining certified, sustainable vegetable oil into high purity iso-alkanes.


TotalEnergies’ Isane range offers similar solvency qualities to fluids such as de-aromatised white spirits, but with a narrower cut and even lower aromatic content. They’re available with a broad variety of different flashpoints and evaporation rates. The branched structure of their molecules brings additional advantages compared to linear hydrocarbons.


All our Isane products have approvals for the purity requirements in liquid paraffins; European Pharmacopoeia; EC Regulation 1935/2004; foodstuffs, consumer goods and animal feed codes; FDA Sec 178.3530; and FDA Sec 178.362b.





You’ll find our Isane products used by an array of industries. They are excellent for cleaning and degreasing products, and their high levels of purity and relative inertness mean they are widely approved for uses that come into contact with foods and pharmacological products.


Excellent solvency and evaporation qualities, along with no odour and low aromatic content, mean they’re an excellent choice in paints and coatings. Isane products are also widely used for formulating metalworking fluids, inkjet inks and in polymerisation.


Key benefits of Isane IP products include:

  • High product purity
  • Low odour
  • Low surface tension
  • Narrow carbon distribution
  • Wide array of evaporation rates
  • Food contact approvals
  • A comprehensive range of flashpoints
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent cold flow properties
  • Superior thermal conductivity

The added benefits of our Isane Biolife range include:

  • Made from certified renewable vegetable feedstock
  • Biodegradable under OECD guidelines 301 and 306
  • Low carbon footprint compared to crude oil derived products
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Colourless and odourless