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The processing of aggregates and cement manufacturing present a demanding environment for lubricants. Loads are heavy, the materials involved are wearing, gears are often open and easily contaminated, and heat and friction are a constant challenge. And, with such high capital investment involved, you can’t afford for things to go wrong. From extraction through to crushing, conveying, grinding and firing, TotalEnergies offers a range of products to guarantee protection and performance. Plus, we can support you with a range of services to ensure your operation runs smoothly and with the right lubricants for each piece of equipment.

Quality products

Our product range in the cement manufacture category covers each stage of the process. From engines and hydraulics systems through to bearings, gears and electric blowers, we can supply you with high quality, high performance lubricants. These include:

  • Earthmoving equipment – our excellent Star MAX and Star Trans products will keep the earth moving for you.
  • Bearings and multipurpose lubricants – look for our extensive selection of Multis and Ceran greases.
  • Blowers and electric motors – reduce vibration, operating at high speeds and temperatures.
  • Gears – protect your gear systems throughout the process with our Copal and Carter brands.


Optimum performance

With a long track record in the industry, and heavy investment in lubricant R&D over many decades, we’ve developed high quality oils and greases that improve your productivity and reduce unplanned downtime. By protecting and lubricating all moving parts, reducing friction, resisting the effects of high pressures and temperatures, and keeping unwanted contaminates away from critical areas, our products help your equipment last longer. We continually strive to ensure our lubricants are extremely durable, with the longest change intervals possible, reducing the frequency of oil changes and helping boost your productivity.




Lower your costs

Lubricants play a huge role in energy efficiency. By reducing friction, machinery doesn’t have to work as hard to achieve high level performance. Look for our Fuel Efficiency products, which will help cut your energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment. In addition, by reducing breakages and downtime, your lubricants play a double role in lowering costs. We offer on-site support for all your lubricant issues, and can carry out a lubricant audit, suggest the best oils and greases throughout your operation, offer maintenance and lubricant change planning tools, and help you save money with every tonne of rock you process.