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1. The ultimate guide to jet and aviation fuel

Jet fuel is a refined type of kerosene used to power jet engines. Aviation fuel can refer to both aviation-grade petrol (AVGAS) commonly used in smaller aircraft, as well as being a catch-all term for all aircraft fuels.

These fuels are much purer than the kerosene and gasoline used for applications such as cars and have different compositions that afford them lower freezing points and varying octane ratings. Their additives also differ, with static dissipaters and gum inhibitors commonly added to aid safety and performance.

Jet and aviation fuels are flammable when vaporised and have freezing points between -40˚C and -58˚C. Due to such low operating temperatures, each must be kept free of water to reduce the risk of frozen water blocking the fuel inlet pipes of aircraft.

Crucial to the safe and effecting functioning of airlines, freight fleets, leisure fliers and governments across the world, learn more about aviation fuels in our ultimate guide.


2. Has your flight been powered by TotalEnergies aviation fuel?

Cruising at 30,000ft, have you ever wondered what fuel is powering your aircraft and who supplied it? In our guide, we detail our biggest airport customers and the TotalEnergies fuels they use. The list covers those you’re most likely to travel through but is just a fraction of the 295 international airports we service across the globe!


3. How does TotalEnergies Aviation’s fuel logistics crew keep their cool during high-pressure operations?

TotalEnergies Aviation’s fuel logistics crews are relied on to keep airports and airfields running effectively, and this means they sometimes run in to high-pressure situations that require a cool head and fast thinking. Extreme demand, tight deadlines, difficult delivery routes – discover how our experts keep planes in the air in our blog.


4. TotalEnergies’s aviation products and services

TotalEnergies has been developing and marketing aviation fuels for over 60 years. Today, we are experts in the field, supplying fuel to commercial airlines, the military, small fleet operators and leisure flyers across the globe. Pipeline, shipping, road and rail – you can rely on our integrated supply chain to deliver on time, and if you require fuel trucks, storage and dispensing equipment, TotalEnergies has the solutions you need.

The trusted partners of aviation companies around the globe, TotalEnergies has operations at:

  • 295 airports in 75 countries.
  • Over 500 regional airfields across Europe.

High quality, reliable aviation fuel is essential for safe flying, and that’s why so many companies around the world turn to TotalEnergies. All our products are rigorously tested, giving you additional peace of mind. Every 30 seconds, a plane refuels with TotalEnergies’ our JET A-1, JET F-34, AVGAS 100LL or AVGAS UL91 products.

Our commitment to supplying the highest quality aviation fuel doesn’t stop with our leading products for jet and turbine engines. We back it up with excellent services and industry partnerships that help us to continually improve our products, allowing you to concentrate on your passion – flying.

TotalEnergies UK has been in aviation for over sixty years now. We want to make our customers lives easier so that they can fully enjoy flying. We aim for market leading availability, offering the full range of aviation fuels. With expert, dedicated supply chains we ensure product quality and offer training and support for our customers. We recently developed an industry first training portal and continue to innovate our offering. WE work closely with colleagues across the globe to ensure we share best practice and work towards a greener future for aviation.

Simon Fage TotalEnergies UK General Aviation Manager