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At TotalEnergies​ we put our customers at the centre of everything we do. We’ll strive to find the right solution for you, and offer a range of extra services and support alongside our high-quality aviation fuel products. We can help you understand and test fuel quality, find and build the equipment you need, and manage price risk when you buy aviation fuel from us.

1. Training – provided by experts

We are leading members of the aviation industry with a team of international Joint Inspection Group (JIG)-approved fuel quality inspectors taking their expertise all over the globe. Get in touch with any quality or equipment questions you might have, or if you’d like them to come to your organisation to hold fuel quality training seminars. Part-classroom and part-practical, these seminars are accompanied by course notes and attendees will receive a certificate.





2. Fuelling equipment – to meet your needs

Our high-quality fuels are backed up with services designed to suit your needs. For instance, we work with a range of fuelling equipment manufacturers to help supply and maintain aircraft refuelling trucks, bunded storage tanks and self-service dispensing pumps with credit card or account card payment facilities. We can help you lease, buy or build equipment, depending on what you need.





3. Price risk management – we’re here to help

Fluctuations in the price of oil can leave you exposed. TotalEnergies​ is here to help with a range of pricing options based on annual volume commitment, payment terms and delivery size. Because we have access to financial hedging tools, we can offer pricing solutions based on your needs and help cut out some of the risks caused by fuel price volatility.





4. TotalEnergies Aviation fuel cards – flexible ways to pay

To keep as close as possible to your needs, TotalEnergies Aviation offers several cards depending on your aviation fuel and fuel station (AVGAS 100LL, AVGAS UL91, JET A-1 France and JET A-1 International).

  • The Air TotalEnergies​ International card is perfect for small, owned fleets and is accepted at over 180 airports in the TotalEnergies​ network worldwide.
  • Pilots in Europe can enjoy the benefits of our Air TotalEnergies​ card, which enables them to fly freely, refueling at over 100 automated TotalEnergies​ fuel stations. These are open 24/7, and the card offers free deferred payment and special fuel discounts for customers.
  • Within France, the Fuel Carnet system gives pilots access to pay-at-pump machines across the country.



5. ANAC Expert – the ultimate engine analytics

Understanding engine wear and tear is crucial for safety and maintenance in aviation, and that’s where our ANAC service comes in. ANAC stands for ‘ANAlysis Compared’. Simply supply us with a sample of your used aviation lubricant and we can respond with a diagnostic report within 48 hours, online, in any of 19 languages. It’s an excellent way of checking on aircraft engines without having to take them apart.