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Greenflux – flexible fluxes for bitumen

Bitumen in its natural state has a high viscosity and needs a high level of heat so that it can be mixed into asphalt and/or poured onto the carriageway to form the surface. Enter TotalEnergies… We’ve developed the Greenflux range of bitumen fluxes based on petroleum distillates. These complex hydrocarbons reduce the viscosity of bitumen meaning it is easily mixed and spread, often requiring lower temperatures thus saving energy, and adheres and dries faster. With our special formulations, Greenflux bitumen fluxes offer more durable road surfaces, and resistance to harsh conditions and the wear of heavy traffic.

There are three products in our Greenflux line:


Greenflux 2000 – for bitumen and bitumen emulsion mixes.

Greenflux SD – for bitumen and bitumen emulsion, containing elastomers for surface dressing elasticity. The flux ensures that the elastomers optimally mix into the bitumen matrix.

Greenflux 3000 – for cold mixing, this product improves workability at room temperature, has a high flashpoint and is not VOC under the EU’s 1999 directive.


Download GREENFLUX range brochure

Used in road surfacing, our Greenflux products reduce the viscosity of bitumen, so that asphalt concrete mixes are easier to spread as the carriageway is built up in layers.

As well as asphalt mixes, fluxes are used in binders for surface dressing, and applied to the road before the aggregates are spread.


Save energy

Hot mixes are poured onto the road at approximately 180°C, but a cold mixing technique using fluxed bitumen made with Greenflux 3000 means the asphalt is spread at 80°C to 90°C, requiring less energy therefore reducing your costs.


Save time

Cooler asphalt means the surface returns to its normal temperature faster, with the flux aiding evaporation, so that the road can be reopened to traffic sooner.


Mix and store

Cold mixes also have the advantage that they can be stored for several months before application.


Greenflux SD advantages

  • More workable, with a rapid rise in cohesion.
  • Allows you to open roads sooner.
  • Better resistance to bad weather, cold climates, ageing and tearing.

Download the GREENFLUX range data sheet