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Discover Excellium, the premium fuel for your engine.


With all the advantages of a 3-in-1 fuel developed by TotalEnergies.

excellium provides your engine with multiple benefits thanks to its three carefully chosen additives:




Keep your engine clean with our multi-action fuel.

Drive more kilometers thanks to the combined action of our 3 powerful additives.

Protect your engine with improved cleaning action that prevents deposits from forming.

Reduce polluting emissions by improving the performance of your engine.

A premium fuel resulting from TotalEnergies research.

  • >40
    researchers working
    to develop new products in partnership with automotive and equipment manufacturers.
  • >5000
    laboratory analyses
    to create even more effective additives.
  • >2years
    of continuous work by our fuel experts
    to optimise the Excellium range
  • >20months
    of testing
  • 6
    molecules at the heart of our formula
  • >900
    engine dyno tests
    And over 8,500 hours of road testing and 350,000 km covered.

Choose Excellium, Choose Quality


The quality of our fuels is a priority. Our teams monitor Excellium fuels to gurantee it at every stage chain, until reaching the gas station.

Additionally, we have implemented specific procedures to ensure that the fuel is not affected by contamination, water or oxidation.


By choosing Excellium, you choose total quality for gasoline and diesel engines.