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total optimizer



What is Total Optimizer?


Total Optimizer is TotalEnergies' fully integrated electricity, fuel and lubricant consumption manager for quarries and construction operations. By using it, managers are given an eagle-eye view of their site, thanks to Optimizer fully integrating with existing systems:


  • Energy – Vehicle fuels, site power, site heat
  • Fluids – Lubricants, greases, coolants, solvents and additives
  • Environment – Waste oils, water and greenhouses gases

Being able to view these and other sources of data from a single online portal, managers can predict and analyse their consumption patterns and plan efficiency savings across the entire site.


Why choose Total Optimizer? 


Total Optimizer streamlines the management of electricity, fuel and lubricants into one easy-to-use platform. Optimizer’s sensors – installed in minutes – illuminate previously hidden areas of consumption, with the captured data being displayed across a visualisation dashboard and distribution reporting tool.


These use big data technologies to aggregate and reconcile the data, detecting sources of savings and operational abnormalities, allowing users to quickly respond to problems, optimise usage and plan for the future, all in one place.


Take a site manager monitoring CO2 emissions to ensure adherence to environmental regulations, for instance. With Optimizer, they could receive alerts when emissions reached too high a level, then use cab-specific driving data to analyse driving patterns and implement better driving behaviour to reduce emissions and fuel costs.


It’s these impressive abilities that ensure Optimizer quickly becomes an essential administrative tool, whatever the site it’s used to manage – and it’s all backed up and enhanced with the help of TotalEnergies' extensive network of support services and professionals.


total optimizer


Total Optimizer’s features and benefits 


There are a huge number of features behind Optimizer, providing all manner of benefits to sites, managers and businesses:


  • Dashboard view – Gives a 360-degree view of the site, 24/7.
  • Tracks multiple sources of energy – Providing insight for even the largest, most diverse sites.
  • Many different KPIs – To suit the operation.
  • View detailed operating cost data – To reduce costs across the entire site.
  • View detailed energy and oil consumption data – To improve energy efficiency and reduce usage.
  • Reduce fuel loss – From theft and accidents.
  • Improve driving behaviour and promote eco-driving – With vehicle-by-vehicle data.
  • Monitor vehicle duty cycles – To more efficiently plan operations and staff.
  • Alerts on platform – Enabling fast reactions to problems. SMS on a weekly basis
  • Manage CO2 emissions – To reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  • Predictive analysis – Helps prevent costly breakdowns and extend engine lifetimes.

For more information on Total Optimizer, please contact our team.