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One of our goals as a responsible energy supplier is sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Where fossil fuels must be used, we strive to make them cleaner, and that’s why we developed AVGAS UL91 – an unleaded aviation fuel designed for light aircraft, which is replacing the leaded option, AVGAS 100LL. As such, we are working with industry bodies and manufacturers to spread the use of this cleaner type of fuel.

Discover our partners

The Light Aircraft Association

The UK’s Light Aircraft Association (LAA) has approved AVGAS UL91 for use in a range of light aircraft engine types, and a list can be found on the Association’s website. This gives domestic approval in the UK for AVGAS UL91 for registered aircraft with permits to fly on LAA recommendation.


TotalEnergies UK Ltd is a proud member of the United Kingdom's National Trade Body representing Business and General aviation.

The CAA and EASA

TotalEnergies​ is working with the UK Civil Aviation Authority CAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to ensure that AVGAS UL91 is approved for a greater range of aircraft and engine types.


We work closely with a range of aircraft manufacturers to spread the approval and use of AVGAS UL91. They include Lycoming, Rotax and Continental Motors.

Ultimate Aerobatics

Our partnerships go beyond the realms of industry too. TotalEnergies​ is a proud sponsor of Mike and Emily Collett, the competition pilots at Ultimate Aerobatics. Their aim is to spread the word about the graceful art of aerobatics by flying at air shows, displays and competitions in the UK and around the world, and we’re fully behind them as a main sponsor.


TotalEnergies Aviation and Airbus have been working together to enable Airbus to guarantee its fuel supply, reserve management, maintenance of facilities and infrastructure, and refueling operations at its site in Toulouse.