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Consistency, flexibility in application, a tidy finish – when it comes to sealants consumers are looking for quality. With our range of hydrocarbon fluids for sealant manufacture, you can meet the demands of various market sectors and applications, while delivering safe products that meet regulatory standards every time.

Quality and performance

Major manufacturers of silicon sealant turn to TotalEnergies because of the excellent quality of our products. The organic plasticisers in our Hydroseal range are the perfect alternative to silicone oils, with high purity and very low aromatic content. With Hydroseal products you can:

  • Reduce formulation costs.
  • Reduce yellowing problems normally associated with organic plasticisers.
  • Improve the transparency of the finished product.
  • Facilitate smoother extrusion and application.
  • Minimise dried product shrinkage.

We also offer products for manufacturing hybrid, polyurethane and acrylic sealants. 

Hydroseal – an excellent range

No matter which part of the sealant market you are manufacturing products for, we can support you by offering the right hydrocarbon fluid. The range includes:

Hydroseal G400H – for professional quality finishing.

Hydroseal G285H – for intermediary products supporting great quality and flexibility.

Hydroseal G3H – for standard bathroom applications, glazing and multi-purpose use.

Hydroseal G250H / G232H – perfect for entry-level DIY sealants.



The safe bet

The products in our Hydroseal range are not considered to be volatile organic compounds (VOCs) under EU directive 1999/13. They have extremely low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) levels and low aromatic content making them safe for manufacture and application. For improved low temperature fluidity and to reduce VOC levels in products for modern building requirements, we also supply Hydroseal G290H and G340H, our innovative hydro-dewaxed hydrocarbon solvents.