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What is Hydroseal?


Total Hydroseal is a range of hydrocarbon fluids which can be used in the UK manufacture of silicone sealants. Reducing costs and meeting stringent regulations while providing exceptional benefits for customers and consumers, they’re a high-quality choice for manufacturers. By Total Special Fluids and part of the Adhesive & Sealant range.


What are solvents for sealants used for? 


Sealant solvents help formulate silicone sealants and can also be used to adjust the low-temperature fluidity and volatile organic compound (VOC) levels of sealants. Used primarily by sealant manufacturers , Hydroseal products an important element contributing to the creation of:


  • Bathroom sealants
  • Glazing sealants
  • Multi-purpose sealants
  • Range of sealants from Professional to Entry-level DIY sealants


What are the advantages of Hydroseal solvents? 


Hydroseal sealant solvents have been designed to provide manufacturers with a variety of benefits, reducing costs, saving time and ensuring end-customers receive the best-quality products. The main advantages of using Total Hydroseal in the creation of silicone sealants are:


  • Reduced formulation costs – Hydroseal products are designed to lower the cost of formulating high-quality sealants
  • Reduced yellowing – Issues are sometimes experienced with the use of organic plasticisers, Hydroseal products have excellent long term chemical
  • Improved transparency – Finished products are more transparent with Hydroseal, as all Hydroseals are clear and colourless
  • Easy-application – Hydroseal ensures that finished products have smoother extrusion and more flexible application
  • Minimal shrinkage – Hydroseal minimises cases of recurring sealant shrinkage
  • Ultra-low aromatic content – Extremely pure organic plasticisers like Hydroseal have less aromatics than silicone oils
  • Exceeds regulations – Meets stringent building product regulations


Total Hydroseal product specification 


The Total Hydroseal range features seven premium sealant solvents covering all common uses and processes.


  • Hydroseal G400H – Used to create the highest grade, professional-quality silicone sealant products
  • Hydroseal G285H – An ideal compromise between professional quality, flexibility in application and affordability
  • Hydroseal G3H – The standard for bathroom, glazing and multi-purpose sealant products
  • Hydroseal G250H and G232H – Two products designed for entry-level DIY sealant solutions
  • Hydroseal G290H and G340H Hydroisomerised aliphatic fluids – Used to adjust the fluidity and VOC content of the product to meet requirements


Total Hydroseal Safety Data Sheets


For more information on the typical properties of the Hydroseal range, including molecular content, density, viscosity and more, please view the Safety Data Sheets here.

Total Hydroseal sealant solvents lower production costs while improving the quality of sealants, resulting in superior products for consumers. To find out more, please contact the TotalEnergies team.