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Finasol OSR – high-quality marine dispersants

Nobody ever wants an oil spill to occur, but when it happens reliable products are needed to help prevent damage to the environment. That’s where our Finasol OSR range of marine dispersants comes in. They’ve been specially formulated by our experts to break down hydrocarbon pollutants into tiny droplets, enabling biodegradation to occur more quickly.


TotalEnergies’ belief in sustainability and environmental protection has been a key motivator in the development of the Finasol OSR products. The result is that our third generation concentrate marine dispersants are among the best on the market, offering reliability and performance in difficult conditions.

The Finasol OSR range of marine dispersants contains a carefully researched and tested set of active ingredients. We’ve also worked closely with the authorities in the UK, the United States and France to make sure the products meet the highest standards for biodegradability and ecotoxicity.


Finasol OSR 52 is a fast and effective solution and is a benchmark product in the sector. It has become the first product that complies with all three major international regulators – the Environmental Protection Agency (USA), Marine Management Organisation (UK) and CEDRE (France). It also meets the regulatory requirements in numerous other countries around the world.


Finasol OSR 51 offers compliance with MMO (UK) and CEDRE (France) regulations, and is another highly effective solution for breaking down hydrocarbons at sea.



Total’s Special Fluids division is dedicated to developing and optimising solutions for crude oil dispersion at sea. Our expertise in the field is unrivalled, and over the last 20 years our Finasol OSR products have been used to help clean up spills on all the world’s oceans.


They offer a fast-acting and effective way of dealing with the problem, while meeting international standards for environmental safety.