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Improving energy efficiency and reducing the impact our products have on the environment are two of our key commitments at TotalEnergies. In every market and category we operate in, we are working for a cleaner environment and a better future for generations to come.

Through our innovation and our investment in R&D, there are lots of ways in which we’re able to improve fuel efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions and waste. Look for our…

Fuel Economy lubricants

By reducing engine friction they improve performance and efficiency, and because they’re so durable, fewer oil changes are needed and less waste oil is produced. They’re available for cars, motorbikes, commercial, agricultural and construction vehicles.

ECO2 bitumens

Total ECO2 bitumen products can be mixed at temperatures 40°C lower than normal with regular equipment, lowering the energy consumption of roadbuilders. And because our bitumens are so durable, road renewal is less frequent meaning lower costs, energy usage and disruption.

Excellium fuel additives

The Excellium fuel additives we’ve developed for diesel and petrol can result in a 5% improvement in fuel efficiency.

Low SAPS lubricants

We’ve developed a range of lubricants that are low in sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur. This means a reduction in the particulates produced by diesel engines – another win for the environment.


TotalEnergies has developed biolubricants for application in a number of industries. Made with substances from sustainable sources, they qualify as biodegradable with the relevant regulators. If they’re spilled they break down and biodegrade naturally.

BioLife isoparaffins

Pure, renewable isoparaffins have been developed in our labs and as well as being biodegradable they’re lower in aromatic, PAH and benzene content. Their use also translates into greater energy efficiency in a wide range of applications including inks, paints, cleaning products, metalworking, cosmetics, food processing and more.

Unleaded aviation fuel

Our AVGAS UL-91 fuel for light aircraft with piston engines enables cleaner flying in the sports and general flying markets and has been endorsed by a range of major manufacturers.

And more…

TotalEnergies is spearheading a range of initiatives from solar energy through to collecting and safely disposing of waste oils from our customers.


TotalEnergies Ecosolutions

To help you identify TotalEnergies products that are better for the environment, look for our Ecosolutions label on more than 90 TotalEnergies products.

To carry the Ecosolutions label, a product must be commercially available, and it has to exceed existing environmental regulations and guidelines. Its improved environmental credentials throughout its product lifecycle must also be verified by an external audit process. To earn the badge, products must:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Use less energy
  • Save non-renewable resources
  • Consume less water
  • Have no impact on human health
  • Reduce impact on the environment