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High quality, reliable bitumen products are essential across a range of road, infrastructure and construction applications. But there’s more to it than that. You need a partner who’s going to work with you, meet your needs and address the issues that matter most to you – a partner that cares about the environment, and health and safety. And, a partner who can give you the technical support you need, when you need it. That partner is Total Bitumen.


Join our community

TotalEnergies is Europe’s number one producer and supplier of bitumen, and we have a long history of innovation and success in the industry.

Through our products and services, we support and connect a global community of customers building roads, infrastructure and buildings. At Total Bitumen we…

  • Ship 2.5 million metric tonnes of bitumen every year.
  • Have 250 sales managers ready to assist you.
  • Offer 12 product ranges.
  • Operate four international bitumen research facilities.
  • And have operations in 40 countries.


Our engineers, technologists and researchers are ready to help meet your bitumen needs, no matter how specific they are. Join the Total Bitumen community and we’ll find the best solutions for every project you undertake.


Investing in expertise


TotalEnergies is the world leader in bitumen R&D, with dedicated research centres in France, the UK, Germany and India. Each centre has extensive experience designing and developing bitumen products, as well as state-of-the-art testing facilities. Our goal is to meet the needs of bitumen users today, and in the future.


We take a collaborative approach to research, and we’re happy to work with customers, public and private organisations, and independent research bodies on new projects. Giving technical support to our customers, working alongside them to test and develop the products they need, and promoting good communication , collaboration and engagement– these are all essential elements in our culture of continuous improvement.



Sustainability through durability


Constant innovation helps us maintain our market leading position, but it also means we can develop more durable products that last longer. When we do that, we can help our customers improve their energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and operate more efficiently.  

Our Azalt ECO2 and Syrelf ECO2 brands demonstrate this commitment to producing more sustainable bitumen products. Both can be mixed at temperatures 40°c lower than conventional products.  This results in lower energy costs and less carbon emissions during manufacture, and it also means the asphalts cool faster so that roads can be opened sooner.

We have also developed a range of surface-dressing binders, including Emulsis. When applied at the correct intervention level it can  effectively extend the life of the carriageway, improving its life cycle sustainability.


Meeting and exceeding HSEQ standards


Our organisation complies with all the most up-to-date health, safety, environment and quality standards. TEMUK Bitumen are certified to ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001: 2015. This reflects our commitment to safety, occupational health and hygiene, environmental protection and quality management.

Our manufactured products, Paving Grade Bitumens, Polymer Modified Bitumens and Cationic Bituminous Emulsions are certified to UKCA Marking. All provisions concerning the assessment and verification of constancy of performance of factory production control described in Annex ZA of the UK Designated Standard(s) as described in: EN12591:2009 Paving Grade Bitumens EN14023:2010 Polymer Modified Bitumens EN13808:2013 Cationic Bitumen Emulsions.

We take our health and safety responsibility seriously throughout our supply chain too. For instance, all the delivery drivers with our logistics partner, Hoyer and Suttons, hold current Eurobitume passports and are fully compliant with its code of practice.

As members of Eurobitume, the European industry body for bitumen producers, we promote the efficient and safe use of bitumen, recognise its role in environmental sustainability, and recognise the importance of health and safety in our industry , and your industry.