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TotalEnergies is the leading innovator in petrochemical products for the marine industry. From fuel oils to engine and equipment lubricants, we lead the way in the UK and globally. And our marine dispersants set the industry benchmark, helping avert oil spill disasters around the world.

Marine fuel oil

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As a global supplier of marine fuels, we are ready to fulfil your requirements anywhere in the UK. We offer residual and distillate marine fuels of excellent quality, meeting ISO specifications in each category we sell in, and we guarantee on-time delivery and compliance with all relevant safety standards – including those of TotalEnergies Group, and your own. Our team will go above and beyond to meet your needs, with a personalised and efficient service at all times.




Marine lubricants

With decades of expertise developing oils, fluids and greases for the marine industry, today we offer a full complement of products for every application, and for every type of vessel. Our innovative R&D labs are constantly improving our product range, and it now includes environmentally sound options to help you save fuel and reduce emissions. Biolubricants by TotalEnergies are biodegradable and made from sustainably sourced materials. Some of our leading brands include:

Engine oils – Talusia, Atlanta, Aurelia, Disola and Rubia

Auxiliary fluids – Visga, Epona, Dacnis, Barelf, Lunaria and Preslia

Environmental solutions – Biohydran, Carter Bio and Bioneptan

Marine greases – Ceran and Multis

Emergency pollution control

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When crude oil is spilled at sea, a fast response is critical. TotalEnergies facilitates this through our Finasol range of marine dispersants. These products have been used for over 20 years, helping mitigate disasters on all the world’s oceans. This is achieved by breaking down the oil slick, helping protect bird and wildlife habitats on the coastline. Finasol OSR 52 has set the benchmark among marine dispersants in both dispersion efficiency and low toxicity. It’s the only product in the category complying with EPA (US), MMO (UK) and CEDRE (France) regulations.