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When you partner with TotalEnergies for bitumen solutions, what you’ll get is sustainability through durability across our entire range of products. For applications as diverse as motorways, airfields, racetracks and architectural coloured asphalts, Total bitumen is a one stop shop for bitumen solutions. Our bitumen products lead the industry in quality and consistency. Discover how Total Bitumen can meet your needs today, and in the future…

Choose your bitumen for road use

 AZALT® - Penetration grade bitumen

Azalt® is our range of penetration grade bitumen available in all commonly specified EN Specifications. Azalt® is produced from our own homologated resources ensuring consistency and quality is assured from the rig to the road.

  • Penetration grade bitumen homologated from group sourced selected crude oils.







 AZALT ECO2® - Reduced Temperature Bitumen

Developed by TotalEnergies Group’s Ecosolutions programme, Azalt ECO2® bitumen give you all the quality and versatility of the Azalt® brand, but can be mixed at temperatures 40°c lower than normal. You don’t need to invest in new production equipment to use ECO2, and the materials perform identically to standard hot mix asphalts. ECO2 environmental benefits include:

  • Ready to use warm mix penetration grade binder
  • No plant modifications required
  • 30% reduction in CO2 and manufacturing energy
  • Up to 40°c reduction in asphalt manufacturing temperature
  • Faster contracting for reduced disruption at roadworks



 STYRELF® - Cross linked polymer modified bitumen

  • Europe’s leading elastomeric polymer modified binder
  • Continuously developed for over 30 years
  • Available as ready to use ECO² warm mix PMB
  • Enhancing asset management with Sustainability through Durability.
  • Applications: Highways, Airfields, Racetracks, Bridges and Heavy Duty Pavements

 KROMATIS® - see the world in colour

Clear synthetic binder for asphalt demarcation through pigmentation or natural clear finishes.

  • Clear synthetic binder for coloured asphalts
  • Reduced lighting costs for tunnels and urban areas
  • Reduced surface temperature
  • Bulk delivery and packed solutions
  • Applications: Cycle lanes, aesthetic surfaces, sports areas and hazard demarcation



 Emulsis® - Surface treatment emulsions

Our bitumen experts are dedicated to bringing you a choice of high-quality products that get the job done. Emulsis is a range of surface dressing binders and bond coat emulsions that can be used to waterproof surfaces, and decrease surface deterioration on all types of road to optimise asset management. Our cost effective products include:

  • Ultra, Satis & Supreme, polymer modified surface dressing emulsions
  • Reduced application temperature for optimised contracting efficiency
  • NBC50/65, non-stick polymer modified bond coats
  • MG Cold mix binder, sustainable recycling secondary aggregates, asphalts and tar encapsulation
  • Micro asphalt specific products


 Aqualt® - Homologated bitumen for Emulsion Manufacturing

Total Aqualt bitumen offers you a range of high-performance bitumen for emulsion manufacture. Emulsions are commonly used for:

  • Surface dressing 
  • Tack coats and bond coats
  • Cold recycling
  • Surface sealing

The TotalEnergies Research Centre carefully selects specific crude oils according to strict homologation procedures and specifications, and consequently we manufacture the highest quality bitumen for emulsification.