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Optimising performance to take you further every day.

It is crucial to choose the right engine oil to keep your trucks, buses, or fleet running smoothly. The wrong choice could lead to premature engine wear, reduced fuel economy, longer downtime, or even mechanical failure. That's where the Rubia range of heavy-duty engine oils comes in.

The Rubia range of heavy-duty engine oils is formulated to meet your needs is designed to meet your needs and optimise performance, even under severe operating conditions. With a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability, Rubia engine oils offer the following benefits:


Benefits you can expect from Rubia:

  • Increased durability
  • Extended drain intervals
  • Better engine protection by reducing ring wear and controlling deposits
  • Minimised engine wear at cold start-up 
  • Reduces risk of sludge, improving engine performance


  • Rubia products are tested and approved more than 200 times by major Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEMs-).

These product approvals are the guarantee certificates proving that Rubia products are 100% compatible with the engine technology of the related manufacturers.

  • TotalEnergies develops tailor-made lubricants in its state of art R&D center in Solaize.

Products are developed in close collaboration with heavy vehicle manufacturers in order to match their sophisticated and most demanding technical requirements.

  • Premium products and tailor-made solutions to increase your operational efficiency.

TotalEnergies increases operational efficiency and offers peace of mind, thanks to its Rubia premium engine oil range, tested in real-world conditions during fleet tests and approved by Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers, and its Anac Fleet Management System, based on used oil analysis supported by its technical services team on the field.