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Our Environmental Drilling Compounds (EDC) offer dependable performance even in the harshest environments. The products we’ve developed for the oil and gas industries combine TotalEnergies' vast experience in the field with feedback received from operators we work with in over 40 countries around the globe.


Two main goals have driven the development of our EDC range – firstly to protect the environment where drilling occurs, and secondly to ensure the safety of operators. Our EDC products cover both offshore and onshore drilling.

TotalEnergies EDC synthetic base oils for drilling have been awarded the TotalEnergies Ecosolution label by an independent external panel, thanks to their protection of health and safety values, and the environment. 

Used for both onshore and offshore drilling projects, our EDC products are recognised for their high quality and performance in some of the most difficult conditions on the planet. Their benefits cover both the environment, and the health and safety of workers on site.


Minimising environmental risks

  • Low ecotoxicity.
  • Classified as readily biodegradable under OECD 306 guidelines.
  • High degree of purity.


Maximising operator safety

  • Not classified as skin irritants under OECD 404.
  • High flashpoint.
  • No aromatics.
  • Low vapour pressure.
  • Odourless


EDC fluids are considered to be synthetic base fluids and are approved by OSPAR (OSLO PARIS CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT IN THE NORTH-EAST ATLANTIC).

Download the EDC 170SE sheet