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Action! is our global volunteering programme, designed to give all employees the time and the means to get involved in their local community. It enables all staff across the world to spend up to three working days a year volunteering within four priority areas: Road Safety; Climate, Coastal Areas and Oceans; Youth Inclusion and Education; Cultural Dialogue and Heritage.

Our employees get involved in different types of volunteering, such as:

  • One day projects, often offering a helping hand to charities, such as painting social housing
  • Projects that make use of employees’ professional skills, for example, visits to local schools as part of our STEM outreach programme
  • Mentoring projects to support young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds
Collage of employees volunteering. Painting doors, planting trees, digging weeds

In the UK, we’ve built relationships with several community initiatives which our employees regularly volunteer with, including:

  • Stripey Stork baby bank, Surrey – our employees help prepare deliveries for children and families, carry out research and help with the charity’s website
  • Birse Community Trust, Aberdeenshire – our employees help with maintaining woodland areas, such as planting trees, weeding and cutting back vegetation, widening pathways and repairing and painting fences and outbuildings
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Trust – our employees help with beach cleans, planting trees and protecting native habitats by removing invasive plants

Regardless of the weather, our employees enjoy rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck in to help!