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With over 30 years in the field, TotalEnergies’s Special Fluids division has specialist expertise in producing paraffin oils used to protect crops against insects and plant diseases.


We have products in our range that are suitable for an extensive array of different crops. They work in three different ways to prevent damage.

  1. TotalEnergies paraffin oil products are excellent insecticides. By covering insect eggs and larvae in a film, they effectively smother them before they hatch and develop.
  2. Some of our paraffin oils can be used on their own as highly effective fungicides, preventing the transmission of diseases and the arrival of spores on treated plants.
  3. Other products in our range are designed for use as adjuvants. Diluted and mixed with other fungicide products according to instructions, they help stop destructive funguses from killing crops.

We market two groups of paraffin oils for crop protection.


Insecticide formulations

  • Citrole – Used to control scale insects and mites on citrus fruit, grapes, pome (apple, pear, etc.) and stone fruits, tropical fruits and ornamentals. Also for use in combination with fungicides, insecticides and herbicides to improve their performance.
  • Catane – An effective ovicide/larvicide for winter treatment of fruit trees.
  • Ovispray – Applied in winter and spring to protect fruit trees against mites, aphids and mealybugs. Species include apple, cherry, pear, peach and plum.
  • Arbofine – This biodegradable paraffin oil kills eggs and larvae. It was specially developed for the treatment of red spider mites on fruit trees in spring.
  • Finavestan – Prevents aphids from transmitting viruses to seed potatoes.


Insecticide, fungicide and herbicide adjuvants

  • Banole – TotalEnergies has worked in close collaboration with producers in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia to develop a product that protects banana plants against the Black Sigatoka virus.
  • Genera – A range of paraffinic mineral oil-based products used as effective insecticides.
  • Velezia – Paraffinic mineral oil herbicide range normally used on beets, and compatible with many other herbicides.
  • Herbidown – This biodegradable paraffinic adjuvant improves the effectiveness of compatible herbicides, helping them penetrate the plant better and last longer once applied.

TotalEnergies’s paraffin oils for crop protection are trusted solutions for agricultural producers around the world. Key benefits include:

  • Used to control a whole array of pests and diseases.
  • Products suitable for a broad range of crops.
  • No residue, so treatment close to harvest time is possible.
  • Short re-entry interval after treatment.
  • Can be used to treat minor or orphan crop issues.

Unlike other pesticides and plant disease treatments, the environmental impact of our paraffin oils is extremely low, and they have been awarded the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions label for their sustainability and low environmental impact by an external panel. Key environmental benefits include:


  • No environmental or human health impact.
  • Classified as readily biodegradable.
  • No resistance develops in targeted insects and fungi.
  • Authorised for organic farming, and considered to be a biocontrol solution.