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28/01/2019 News

How TotalEnergies’ crop protection paraffin oils boost yields without impacting the environment

Total crop protection environment sustainability


Improving crop yields is becoming ever more important as rising global populations require greater food production, but the threats to farmland are growing. US researchers estimate that pests currently devour between 5-20% of all major grain crops, and that yield losses from pests will grow by 10-25% with each degree Celsius the climate warms – up to 40-100% with 4C of warming.

To ensure agriculture is sustainable, safeguarding these crops must be performed in a way that doesn’t adversely impact the environment or human health. With this in mind, Total Special Fluids has developed a range of crop protection paraffin oils – advanced insecticide, miticide, fungicide and adjuvant formulations that don’t pose a risk to humans or the surrounding environment.

TotalEnergies’ crop-protecting paraffin oils


TotalEnergies’ range of paraffin oils has been designed for use with a very wide range of crops, without impacting their surrounding ecology or the health of organisms that ingest them. Their formulations ensure that insects, funguses and diseases do not impact crop yields:

•    Insecticides – Oils cover eggs and larvae in film, stopping insect development from taking place.

•    Fungicides – Paraffin oils prevent diseases from transmitting and fungal spores from developing and spreading.

•    Adjuvants – When mixed with other fungicides, paraffin oil adjuvant products improve fungicide effectiveness, stopping the most destructive fungi from taking root.

Leaving no residue, all TotalEnergies paraffin oils can be used close to harvest. Each also has a short re-entry interval after treatment and they can also be used to respond to minor or orphan crop issues, but the products’ main benefit is their extremely low environmental impact.

Paraffin oils that don’t harm the environment


TotalEnergies’ paraffin oils create a physical barrier of oil film that’s only a few microns thick, coating threats to plants and suffocating them. As opposed to chemical or biological insecticides, this means that paraffin oils will simply and safely biodegrade if they find their way into the surrounding environment.

What’s more, their method of action means that insects, fungicides and plant diseases are unable to develop a resistance, ensuring their long-term effectiveness.

Having no environmental impact has allowed TotalEnergies’ crop protection paraffin oils to be classified for use in organic farming in line with the EU Pharmacopoeia Reference Standards and EU Pesticides Framework Directive – even under these extremely strict regimes, they have no health or environmental classifications.

TotalEnergies’ environmental commitment


Thanks to their sustainable, environmental nature, Total Special Fluids’ paraffin oils have been awarded the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions label. The oils and label are just some of the ways TotalEnergies is demonstrating its commitment to improving the environmental credentials of its processes and products, utilising cutting-edge research in its French and Indian research to tackle agricultural challenges in the 21st century.

TotalEnergies’ range of paraffin oils is designed to meet the needs of food producers, today and into the future. Explore the range, or contact the TotalEnergies team today for more information on how they can sustainably help safeguard crop yields.