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What is tractor engine oil?


Tractor engine oil lubricates agricultural machinery engines so they can work effectively for long periods of time. TotalEnergies’s TRACTAGRI range of engine oils protects against corrosion, oxidisation and wear in engines, extending maintenance intervals and reducing the risk of equipment failure, all while improving the efficiency to lower fuel costs.

TotalEnergies also produces the TotalEnergies AGRI tractor and agricultural vehicle lubricants for gearboxes, brakes and other components.


The TotalEnergies AGRI tractor engine oil range


To keep machinery and tractors operating productively, they need to be properly lubricated, which is why TotalEnergies has developed an extensive range of tractor engine lubricants designed to make sure engines can work effectively in the harshest conditions under great stress.

  • TRACTAGRI HDX 15W-40 – High-performance tractor oil for turbocharged and naturally aspirated tractor and machinery engines that meet EU State IIIA and EPA Tier 3 standards. Can be used in all tractor diesel engines.
  • TRACTAGRI HDZ 10W-40 – Low-SAPS tractor oil for tractors and agricultural machinery with or without diesel particulate filters.
  • TRACTAGRI FE – Fuel economy-improving tractor engine oil, saving up to 4% of fuel, or up to 6% when used with Dynatrans VX FE transmission fluid, reducing annual per-tractor carbon emissions by over 1.5 tonnes.

What are the benefits ofTotalEnergies tractor engine oils?


Agricultural businesses rely on their tractors and machinery to uphold and improve the yield of farmland and the crops that grow on it. TotalEnergies’ tractor engine oils ensure this, alongside providing a range of other great benefits:

  • Excellent oxidation resistance for long-life lubrication and protection from rust, deposits and glaze.
  • Extended drain intervals for lower maintenance costs.
  • Developed for use in severe conditions, such as harvesters and soil preparation machines.
  • Outstanding thermal stability allows trouble-free operation in summer and during extended operations.
  • Excellent viscosities that allow for easy cold-starts
  • Anti-corrosion properties to protect components.
  • Exceptional anti-foaming properties to stop cavitation and sump overflow.
  • Totally inert when in contact with seals.
  • Reduce fuel and oil consumption, for lower running costs.
  • Multipurpose for simplified lubrication across a wide range of machinery.

To place an order or learn more about TotalEnergies’ range of tractor engine oils, contact the TotalEnergies team today. You can also find the right engine oil for your agricultural machinery using our Lub Advisor tool or within our online catalogue.