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What is EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel? 


EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel is a diesel fuel additive which has been proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%. Designed specifically to benefit road haulier businesses, EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel is ideal for diesel commercial vehicles that regularly drive a high number of miles, such as HGVs, trucks, buses, coaches, construction machinery and more.

Water contamination of diesel is a significant issue; EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel enables rapid separation of fuel from water in order to eliminate water entirely, protecting diesel filters from premature clogging (and therefore saving you money in the long run).


Why choose EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel? 


When added to regular diesel fuel, EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel cleans the engine by preventing injector fouling. Through more than 12,000,000km of field testing, EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel was found to prevent injector fouling up to 93% of the time, and the additive was also able to clean up to 45% of existing fouling in vehicles. This extends the engine lifespan by reducing friction, which also results in reduced maintenance costs, thus enhancing commercial vehicle reliability.

Further tests found that a Euro V heavy-duty vehicle using EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel for 17,000km was able to benefit from a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 5%. Users can also benefit from a reduction in CO₂ emissions of up to 4.2%. Carbon monoxide is reduced by 32%, unburnt hydrocarbons by 55%, nitrogen oxide by 21%, and particulates by 16%.

For commercial vehicle fleets looking to increase fuel economy, maintain engine performance and increase reliability, use EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel alongside RUBIA heavy duty engine oil.

Is EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel available for my fleet? 


TotalEnergies​ are currently considering bringing EXCELLIUM Diesel Concentrate to the UK market in bulk, IBC, 185-litre and 5-litre packs.

For EXCELLIUM Diesel Concentrate enquiries, please contact us today.


EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel Key features and benefits 


  • Independently tested – with UTAC-CERAM certification
  • High fuel economy – proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%
  • Reduces environmental impact – reduces CO₂ and other harmful emissions
  • Increases efficiency – engines stay younger for longer

Advantages of Excellium Pro Concentrate

  • Designed for the new engine technologies (fuel pressure increase, stringency of emission standards...)
  • Adapted to biofuel content
  • Shelf life up to 24 months

Available in different sizes

  • 1,000L container
  • 185kg drum
  • 5L can
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Excellium Pro Concentrate