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Manufacturers need metal forming oils and lubricants that dependably stand up to the intense pressures of forming operations, keep workers and machinery protected, and ensure products meet end-user expectations.  

TotalEnergies' range of metal forming oils and lubricants are expertly developed to exceed these requirements. Part of the Total Metalworking lubricant range, they ensure that machinery and tools performing bending, shaping, stamping, and stretching operations are correctly lubricated and functioning effectively, enabling the fabrication of excellent-quality metal products while ensuring operations are as efficient and low maintenance as possible.  


Why choose Totalenergies' metal forming oils and lubricants?


TotalEnergies' metal forming lubricants are designed to support your production line. The product of constant R&D, each has been formulated with input from our industry partners, so they specifically overcome the problems encountered by metal working manufacturers and their machine and cover an extensive array of operations and applications. 

What’s more, all our metal forming oils are supported by an extensive network of technical support services and staff whose job it is to help you optimise your metal forming operations and increase performance. 


TotalEnergies metal forming oils and lubricants – features and benefits  

Thanks to their premium formulation, TotalEnergies' metal forming lubricants offer a host of features and benefits, including: 

  • Exceptional anti-wear properties – reducing the frequency of tool changes 

  • Low volatility – for a fast-evaporating, safe lubricant 

  • Transparent product – for better machining conditions  

  • Oxidisation resistance – improving the service lives of products and tools 

  • Non-toxic chlorinated products available – in line with 1999/45/EC 

  • High flash point – to limit fire risk 

  • A wide range of oils – covering all operations 

  • Non-stain formula – ensuring products and tools look their best 

  • Low or no odour – for a pleasant working environment 

  • Excellent adhesiveness – on all types of metallic surfaces 

  • Less carbonaceous matter and residues – requiring less cleaning 

  • Limited degreasing time – to improve productivity 

What are TotalEnergies' metal forming oils and lubricants?  

There are plenty of different forming fluids in the TotalEnergies' range, suited to several applications: 

  • Martol AL – neat, chlorine-free, non-ferrous metal forming oil for average and difficult operations 

  • Martol EP CF – neat, chlorine-free metal forming oil for the most difficult operations 

  • Martol EP – neat, chlorinated steel forming oil for the most difficult operations 

  • Martol FMO CF – neat, food-grade, aluminium forming oil for food packaging operations  

  • Martol Spiroll SE – neat, non-mineral, synthetic forming oil 

  • Martol EV/LVG – evanescent varnishing oils with and without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for a range of ferrous and non-ferrous operations 

  • Martol Solule ST – soluble deformation oils for die stamping and cutting operations 




How to design your metal forming processes and usage for continuity and productivity 

To help manufacturers understand and select the metal forming oils best suited to their needs, TotalEnergies has partnered with the Confederation of British Metalforming to deliver ‘How to design your metal forming processes and usage for continuity and productivity’.  

Taking place on November 4th, 2020, the free session will out metal forming process requirements, lubricant types, their application, and new developments in the field – sign up and learn more below.  


Discover how TotalEnergies' range of metal forming oils could benefit your business and improve your production. Contact our team today