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What are TotalEnergies' machining lubricants? 


General machining and metalworking operations are reliant on machinery coping with extremes in heat and pressure, so must be properly lubricated. TotalEnergies' range of durable machining lubricants provide operators with the premium products, expert services and support needed to safeguard tools, whether they’re used for sawing, drilling, milling, turning, quenching, finishing or otherwise.


TotalEnrgies' range of machining lubricants include:


  • Valona HC – Neat oil for general machining equipment.
  • Lactuca – Soluble macroemulsion lubricant for general machining equipment.
  • Spirit – Soluble microemulsion lubricant for general machining equipment.
  • Drasta – For quenching machinery.
  • Osyris – Rust protection oil.
  • Finasol – Solvent degreasing lubricant.
  • Diel – Electrical discharge machining oil.
  • Drosera –Minteral machine oil.




Why choose TotalEnergies' machining lubricants?


Machining and metalworking tool users need to be sure their tools aren’t subject to unnecessary wear during use, otherwise frequent tool changes and the resulting downtime can severely affect operational productivity. The answer to this is the use of TotalEnergies' specialist lubricants. Covering a range of different machining applications, they’ve been developed and honed to reduce wear, waste, downtime and costs to improve productivity and optimise production.


It doesn’t stop at the products themselves though, as customers can also benefit from TotalEnergies' extensive support services and personnel, which aim to ensure lubricants are properly utilised, valuable assets for businesses. Part of the Total Metalworking lubricant range.


Totalenergies' machining lubricants’ key features and benefits 


The TotalEnergies machining lubricant range have been specially formulated to meet the needs of a diverse range of machining processes, providing the following benefits:


  • Multipurpose oils – For simple lubrication solutions.
  • Excellent cooling properties – Extending lubricant change intervals and product lifetimes.
  • Extreme pressure resistance – Protecting tools against corrosion and metal wear.
  • Exceptional anti-wear properties – Reducing the frequency of tool changes.
  • High efficiency in a wide range of applications – Including biomedical and aeronautical machining.
  • Low volatility – Ensuring safety for staff and machinery.
  • Biodegradable – To protect the environment.
  • Detergent additives – Ensuring cleanliness of parts
  • Transparent product – For easier machining conditions.
  • Oxidisation resistance – Improving product and tool service lives.
  • Low or no odour – For a more pleasant working environment.
  • Quick drying action – To minimise downtime.
  • Very good adhesiveness – On a range of metallic surfaces.
  • High flash point – Limiting the risk of fire.
  • Less carbonaceous matter and residues – Reducing the frequency of cleaning.

Find out more about the selection of premium machining lubricants on offer from TotalEnergies by contacting our team.