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What are TotalEnergies' oil and gas industrial lubricants? 


TotalEnergies' energy and power lubricants for the oil and gas industry provide the safety, durability and reliability required for oil and gas operations, on and offshore, safeguarding machinery, personnel and the environment. from harm.


Covering a huge range of oil and gas operations and equipment, they make sure that facilities operate in the most productive manner possible and help businesses maximise return on investment by eliminating avoidable costs.


Cost-effective and backed up by TotalEnergies' extensive support network, the oil and gas oil range includes:


  • Greases – Multis, Biomultis, Ceran, Tifora, Coral, Altis, Bioadhesive+, Ceran AD+
  • Hydraulics – Azolla, Equivis, Biohydran, Hydransafe
  • Heat transfer – Seriola, Jarytherm
  • Gears – Carter, Dynatrans, Transmission
  • Engines – Rubia, Disola, Caprano, Coolelf Supra
  • Turbines – Preslia, Preslia GT, Preslia SE Jet
  • Compressors – Dacnis, Docnis LPG, Lunaria, Plantelf,
  • Transformers – Isovoltine, Isolvoltine Bio


Why choose Totalenergies' oil and gas industry lubricants? 


With many oil and gas operations taking place in harsh, environmentally fragile environments, operators need to be able to rely on their machinery. An easy way to ensure this is through utilising premium lubricants like TotalEnergies' that protect components from wear and tear and damage, prolong their lifespan and lower repair and replacement costs.


TotalEnergies' lubricants for oil and gas operations have been formulated alongside industry professionals and original equipment manufacturers to ensure they have the unique properties needed. Purchasers also benefit from the expertise of TotalEnergies' support staff, and services such as ANAC, TotalEnergies' oil analysis service that allows operators to identify and troubleshoot problems with machinery.


Totalenergies' oil and gas industry lubricants’ key features and benefits 


By choosing TotalEnergies to supply oil and gas machinery oils, customers can enjoy an exceptional range of capabilities and benefits:


  • Multipurpose oils – For all-encompassing lubrication.
  • Very good adhesiveness – To a wide range of metallic surfaces.
  • High flash point – Reducing the risk of fire.
  • Less carbonaceous matter and residues – Reducing cleaning frequency.
  • Excellent cooling properties – Extending oil change intervals and component lifetimes.
  • Extreme pressure resistance – Protecting tools from metal wear and corrosion.
  • Exceptional anti-wear properties – Improving component lifetimes.
  • Low volatility – Providing a safe, fast-evaporating lubricant.
  • Biodegradable – Helping protect the environment.
  • Detergent additives – For less maintenance and the associated downtime.
  • Oxidisation resistance – Protecting components and decreasing oil change frequencies.
  • Low or no odour – For a safe and pleasant working environment.
  • Quick-drying action – For swift, effective application.
  • Non-toxic – TotalEnergies prohibits the use of carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances.
  • Optimal air-release properties – Reduces air contamination, reducing the risk of oil pressure drops in machinery.


To find out more about how TotalEnergies' lubricants for the oil and gas industry can help your operation, contact our team.