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What are Totalenergies' stationary gas engine lubricants?


TotalEnergies' gas engine oils and lubricants ensure stationary gas engines deliver power and move gas consistently and faultlessly. Such machines are used for the production of power, for example electricity, heat, cooling water and more.


The long-life range has been developed for natural gas, biogas, dual-fuel and landfill gas engines, protecting and extending component lifetimes, reducing downtime and improving engine efficiency for optimised operations.


The TotalEnergies gas engine lubricant range includes:


  • Nateria X 405 – Synthetic, low-ash oil for natural gas engines.
  • Nateria MH 40 – Low-ash mineral oil for natural gas engines.
  • Nateria V 40 – Ashless oil for 2 and 4-stroke natural gas engines and motor compressors.
  • Nateria MP 40 – Hydrocracked, low-ash mineral oil for natural gas, biogas and dual-fuel engines.
  • Nateria MJ 40 – High-BN mineral oil for biogas and dual-fuel gas engines.
  • Nateria ML 406 – Mineral oil adapted with additives for landfill gas engines.
  • SUPRA – Premium-quality coolant based on organic technology.


Stationary Gas Engine Oil Lubricant





Why choose TotalEnergies' gas engine lubricants? 


Gas engine lubricants need to be able to cope with extremes of pressure and heat that occur within stationary gas engines, as well as coping with the varnish and sludge formation that can occur with certain types of gas.


With TotalEnergies' gas engine lubricants and coolants, engine materials are guarded against corrosion and wear, and varying ash content levels ensure cleanliness across all types of gas engine machinery. These features deliver clear benefits in fuel economy, drain intervals and overall engine reliability, optimising operations.


Providing all these benefits has been made possible by developing lubricants alongside original equipment manufacturers, to understand the challenges and priorities of users. After sale, customers are supported further, with expert advice and ANAC oil monitoring to optimise the application and performance of lubricants.


TotalEnergies' gas engine lubricants’ key features and benefits


TotalEnergies' industrial stationary gas engine lubricants come with a wide range of features and benefits:


  • Optimised drain intervals – Lowering costs and reducing downtime.
  • Reinforced protection against wear – Improving the lifetime of components under extreme stress.
  • Oils meet all engine manufacturer requirements – Even in the most difficult operating conditions.
  • Adapted TBN/ash content – To improve engine cleanliness across a range of different stationary gas engines.
  • Excellent ash consistency – For easier cleaning.
  • Lubricants last longer – Extending oil change intervals lower costs and downtime.


For more information on TotalEnergies' gas engine lubricants or to make an order, please contact the team.