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What are TotalEnergies turbine oils?


Turbines produce energy by utilising the movement of high-speed, high-pressure fluids – wind, water, steam or gas – but require premium lubricants to ensure they can constantly perform under these conditions of extreme stress and temperature.


TotalEnergies turbine oils have been formulated to provide excellent performance, protecting gas, steam and hydro turbines from problems such as corrosion and metal wear, helping customers in the industrial, energy and power sectors optimise their productivity and lower maintenance costs.


TotalEnergies turbine oils include:

  • Preslia – Mineral oil for hydro, steam and gas turbines.
  • Preslia GT – Hydrocracked, extreme-pressure mineral oil for steam, gas and combined-cycle turbines.
  • Preslia SE Jet – Synthetic ester oil for aero-derivative gas turbines.
  • Preslia SE HTS – Synthetic ester oil for aero-derivative gas turbines with enhanced thermal stability.
  • Hydransafe – A fire-resistance lubricant for electro-hydraulic steam turbine governor systems.
  • Biopreslia HT – A multi-purpose, biodegradable saturated synthetic ester oil with good seal compatibility.
  • Nevastane - A food-safe grease for oven turbines.
  • Azolla – An oil for hydraulic systems, particularly those where environmental safety is important.
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Why choose TotalEnergies turbine oils? 


Turbine operators need to be able to know their industrial machinery can cope with the inherent speed and pressure extremes involved in their use. TotalEnergies' innovative range of turbine oils fulfil this, providing reliability and efficiency during use and extending the time between services, resulting in less downtime and decreased maintenance costs.


All TotalEnergies' oils have been developed alongside equipment manufacturers to ensure they have the most optimised properties for users, and customers can rely on logistics and on-side support from our experts to get the most out of their lubricants. When combined with ANAC, TotalEnergies' oil analysis service, turbine operators also have a means of understanding their machinery, leading to even greater efficiencies.


Totalenergies turbine oil key features and benefits 


TotalEnergies' turbine oils offer plenty of benefits to users:


  • Approved for use with all major turbine manufacturers
  • Excellent oxidation resistance – Extending the lifetime of components by preventing corrosion.
  • Optimal air-release properties – Reduces air contamination in the oil, reducing the risk of pressure drops in pumps.
  • Long-life oil – Extended maintenance intervals lower costs and reduce downtime.
  • Excellent thermal stability – Preventing varnish formation and deposits.
  • Good filterability – Increasing maintenance intervals and lowering costs.
  • Ultra-high temperature resistance – Beneficial for turbines experiencing high thermal stress or experiencing premature oil degradation.
  • Biodegradable – Important for hydro turbines and operators prioritising environmental safety.
  • Fire resistant – Safeguarding personnel and installations.
  • Non-toxic – TotalEnergies prohibits the use of carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances.

TotalEnergies' range of turbine oils can benefit operators across a wide range of fields. Contact our experts today.