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What are TotalEnergies' wind turbine lubricants? 


TotalEnergies' wind turbine lubricants are a diverse range premium-quality oils, combining a selection of industrial lubricants to improve the performance and durability of windmills, helping them create vast quantities of energy.


Developed to provide long-lasting protection and lubrication in machinery operating under considerable pressures and loads, they respond to the need for long maintenance intervals, low downtime and resistance to wear.


TotalEnergies' wind turbine and windmill lubricant range includes:


  • Carter – For wind turbine gearboxes.
  • Multis Complex – For wind turbine generators, pitch systems, main shafts and yaw gears.
  • Copal – For wind turbine yaw gears, pitch systems.
  • Ceran – For wind turbine main shafts and pitch systems.
  • Equivis – For wind turbine hydraulic systems.
  • Bioadhesive+ – For wind turbine guy wires.
  • Isovoltine – For wind turbine transformers.


Why choose TotalEnergies' wind turbine lubricants? 


TotalEnergies' wind turbine lubricants have been formulated to cope with the mechanical stresses and operator requirements inherent in the operation of windmills and windpumps. Developed over the course of decades alongside industry partners, they deliver proven productivity and maintenance cost benefits, all while extending the lives of components – a key requirement for utility-level wind turbines.


All TotalEnergies' wind turbine oils are also backed by an extensive support network of experts and value-added services — such as ANAC oil analysis — all of which are available to help wind turbine operators employ the correct lubricants in the right way.


TotalEnergies wind turbine lubricants key features and benefits


By utilising TotalEnergies innovative range of windmill and wind turbine lubricants, users can enjoy the following benefits:


  • Extended oil drain intervals – Lowering maintenance costs.
  • Protection against micropitting – Extending component lifetimes.
  • Excellent thermal stability – Extending oil service life.
  • Ultimate biodegradability – According to OECD 301-B (> 60%).
  • No danger for the aquatic environment – Key for marine turbine operators.
  • Very high resistance to oxidisation – For a considerable service life.
  • Excellent mechanical stability – Minimising downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Excellent water resistance – Protecting marine turbine operations.
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties - Even in the presence of sea water.
  • Shock and vibration resistance – To withstand extreme weather and extend operating times.
  • Very good shear stability – Protecting against metal wear.
  • Excellent filtration properties – Extending the lifetime of oil filters.
  • Ashless additives – Preventing the build-up of deposits.
  • Excellent adhesiveness – On all metallic surfaces.

For more on how TotalEnergies windmill lubricants could help your operations, contact our team.