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What is Folia?

Folia offers a revolutionary development in the field of metalworking. This new, game-changing product provides outstanding performance and better results than any conventional lubricant, to the UK metalworking industry.

Folia is a range of water-based metalworking fluids produced without emulsifiers or mineral oils. Diluted with water or used neat, they cool and lubricate a wide selection of machining operations using biopolymer technology to provide lubricity and are suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Folia products are designed to increase component lifespans and machining speeds and improve the performance of metalworking operations. They also provide a range of health, safety and environmental benefits to protect workers, workplaces, customers and the environment.

 What are Folia metalworking fluids used for?


Designed for use across a wide range of industries, Folia metalworking lubricants are used to cool and lubricate machinery and metals. The range covers the following processes:

Turning Drilling Milling Tapping Grinding
Stamping Cutting Bending Sawing  Broaching


What are the advantages of Folia metalworking fluids


Folia metalworking fluids are the only product on the market that lubricate using biopolymers. They introduce a host of advantages that set them apart from conventional lubricants, making them the solution of choice for businesses.


Increased tool lifetimes – Up to a 30% increase in the lives of tools, lowering maintenance and replacement expenses.                                                                                                                       

Stable for longer fluid lifetimes – Fluids need to be changed far less frequently than competing products, and in many cases only require topping up. This means lower consumption and costs.
Only features the safest molecules – To safeguard operator working conditions and protect the environment. Exceptional load carrying capacity – Far exceeding competing products.
Compatible with very soft to very hard water – Usable in any location. Faster machine speeds – Improving the productivity of operations by up to 12%.
Improved product finish – Ensuring machined metals are the best possible quality. Quicker degreasing – In some cases, eliminating degreasing operations.
Clear formula – For better operation visualisation. Reduces oxidisation and corrosion – Making operations more cost-effective.
Greatly reduced foaming – Meaning fewer production interruptions. Cleaner machines and work environments – For safe workers, facilities and products.
Reduced odour and significantly reduced vapours or fumes – To protect staff from harm. No pictograms – Thanks to boron-free technology and less hazardous components.
Reduced need to add biocides as post treatment additive – Reducing costs while fighting contamination. Compatible with slideway oils – Does not mix with tramp oil.
Preserves sealing components and rubbers. Moderate to severe duty range.
Preserves machine paint.  


Folia product specification

Starting initially with Folia B7000, TotalEnergies has developed and released Folia lubricants for every major metalworking process, honed to support the specialised tools and metals inherent in each sphere of operation.

•    B series – Multipurpose metalworking lubrication.

•    A series – Aerospace metalworking lubricants.

•    G series – Grinding metalworking fluids.

•    F series – Specialised forming fluids.


Folia Product Brochure

View in-depth information on the FOLIA range of metalworking lubricants:


Folia lubricants help metalworkers improve the productivity of their operations, keeping tools working precisely for longer, and ensuring that finished products are given a faultless finish. For more information on how Folia lubricants can benefit your business, contact the TotalEnergies team.



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