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21/03/2024 News

Drive To Survive: TotalEnergies features in the March edition of Commercial Vehicle Workshop

TotalEnergies has been featured in the March issue of Commercial Vehicle Workshop, discussing how fleet managers can both reduce costs and limit the carbon impact of road transport through the right maintenance strategy and smart deployment of quality lubricants and technology.

With road haulage set to be valued at over $4 billion globally by 2025, it’s imperative that HGVs and freight transportation reduce their emissions significantly. Whilst there is no single solution for curtailing HGV emissions, the urgency of this challenge is creating a paradigm shift in the industry.

As Tom Hyde  explains, consideration and investment into the best technologies and lubricants for HGV engine maintenance will be essential in this sustainability mission. Lower maintenance costs and increased efficiency is possible through choosing advanced products like RUBIA OPTIMA 3500 FE 5W-30, which support vehicle performance and mitigate carbon impact.

Meanwhile, TotalEnergies’ LubAnac diagnosis can help fleet managers spot potential problems before they occur, allowing them to diagnose worn parts and lubricant issues, enabling preventative maintenance that helps extend the life of equipment and engines, thereby minimising the costs (financial and environmental) of unnecessary scrappage.

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