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27/07/2023 News

Fuelling the Future: TotalEnergies features in Commercial Vehicle Workshop

TotalEnergies has been featured in the July Issue of Commercial Vehicle Workshop magazine, discussing the commercial vehicle industry’s need to develop clean substitutes for traditional fuel sources.  

With the 2050 net zero deadline looming, the future of commercial vehicles in the UK is still unclear. The UK government is looking to new technology and materials to transform the sector. Tom Hyde, technical support manager for TotalEnergies UK, looks at developments in technology and materials.  

Helping the UK meet its 2050 net zero deadline will be a significant priority for all sectors in the future, but especially for those working in transport. According to research released in 2022, HGVs accounted for 19% of road transport emissions in the UK, making reform to this sector a significant piece of the UK’s sustainability puzzle. The phased transition from fossil fuels for all vehicles, including HGV’s, will require new infrastructure, a great deal of investment and the right political structure to make zero-emission transport ubiquitous.  

Essentially, to meet climate requirements, the UK needs to provide readily available substitutes to traditional fuel sources.  

Renewable biomethane or hydrogen, for example, are practical alternatives, and there are projects ongoing to develop a hydrogen ‘ecosystem’ for transportation in Europe, such as TotalEnergies’ partnerships with Daimler Truck AG and Air Liquide. 

A significant benefit to these fuel sources is that vehicles operate and are refuelled in a similar way to the fossil fuel powered HGVs and vehicles – meaning minimal alterations to drivers’ schedules and working patterns.  

The obstacle to overcome will be ensuring both supply chain resilience and affordability to encourage adoption.  

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