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23/02/2024 News

How Fleets Can Cut Carbon and Costs: TotalEnergies features in the March edition of Transport Operator

TotalEnergies has been featured in the March issue of Transport Operator, discussing how fleet managers can improve sustainability practices through technologies, training and the correct lubricant selection.

For the UK to achieve net zero by 2050, road transport emissions will need to reduce significantly. While road haulage is of critical importance as an industry for global and local supply chains and fulfilment, it is one of the largest contributors to air pollution.

With this in mind, investment into the best and most appropriate lubricants for engine maintenance is vital to the operation of fleets looking to become more sustainable. Lower maintenance costs and increased efficiency is possible through the right lubricant choice by choosing products like RUBIA OPTIMA 3500 FE 5W-30, which offers reduced friction and viscosity.

Tom Hyde also explains TotalEnergies’ LubAnac diagnosis can allow fleet managers to diagnose worn parts and lubricants, providing preventative maintenance and extending the life of equipment.

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