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Lubricant Advisor - Car oil checker

What engine oil does my vehicle need?

Using the tool is simple:

  • Search for your vehicle through our manual search
  • Enter your UK registration plate (please note that registration plate searches are only applicable for cars and light commercials (LCV)) car check
  • Choose your make, model and type of vehicle from the vehicle selection

You’ll then receive lubricants recommended by our expert engineers for use with your car, motorcycle, commercial or off-road vehicle.

If you are unable to locate your product please contact our Lubricants Technical team or email: [email protected]


All TotalEnergies’ premium lubricants are featured in LubAdvisor, including:

  • QUARTZ – High-performance engine oil with Age Resistance Technology.
  • ELF SPORTI – Excellent-value, OEM-quality car lubricants for the independent motor trade
  • RUBIA – Heavy-duty commercial vehicle engine lubricants
  • ELF TX – Innovative engine oils for classic, vintage and young classic vehicles.
  • GLACELF and COOLELF – Antifreeze and coolant for vehicles.
  • Gearbox and transmission lubricants – Including Fluide, Fluidmatic, Transmission Axle, Transmission Dual and Transmission Gear.

Learn more about TotalEnergies’ ranges of car, motorcycle, van, truck, bus, coach, or agricultural and construction lubricants.


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