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28/07/2023 News

Making Warm the Norm: TotalEnergies features in the July issue of Quarry Management

TotalEnergies has been featured in the July Issue of Quarry Management magazine, discussing how using warm-mix asphalt in road construction can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption whilst improving technical performance. 

Warm-mix asphalts such as TotalEnergies’ ECO2 bitumen product range can revolutionise the road construction industry by offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional hot-mix asphalts.  


Highways England (now National Highways) has found that warm mix asphalts can reduce carbon emissions by around 15% compared to their hot-mix alternatives. 


“Climate change poses a threat to our highways and every sustainable step we take as an industry can slow both the vicious cycle of degradation shaping our highways, and our global trajectory towards extreme weather conditions. By taking a long view of highway asset management through smart decisions that reduce the need for ad-hoc issues management, we can reduce the total environmental impact of the highway across its lifecycle and future-proof our most valuable infrastructure asset. 

2019 UK greenhouse gas emissions

While decarbonizing the industry may pose certain challenges, there have been substantial advances across the supply chain to embrace and embed carbon reduction measures that prioritize sustainability through durability, including tackling road issues before they become critical, investing in high-quality materials that are fit for purpose in more extreme conditions, and preferencing processes and production methods that reduce energy consumption. 


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