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With a complete range of products and unbeatable services to support you, TotalEnergies is your partner of choice in construction, mining, quarrying and more. Our unrivalled experience developing lubricants across a range of industries, and our commitment to finding better solutions for our customers while reducing environmental impact means that today we are your one-stop-shop for high performance, reliable oils and fluids. We are leaders in the bitumen industry, and can meet the fuel needs of your operation as well.


A complete range of lubricants for construction machinery

Progress of the works of modules Alima on the Eiffage Construction Metallique site.

With the vast range of equipment used in construction, and the varied demands placed on it, you need specialised solutions - and that’s what TotalEnergies delivers. With decades of experience working closely with manufacturers and customers, and with our continual investment in lubricant R&D, we offer a complete range of high quality, durable fluids to meet your specific needs, from engine oils to transmissions, gearboxes, hydraulics, reduction drives, and more. All the international emissions standards – ACEA, API and JASO – are covered. Talk to us today and we’ll find the right solutions for your operation.





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We’re committed to protecting the environment and sustainability, and have developed a range of solutions that lower the risk of pollution caused by waste oils. Biolubricants by TotalEnergies are made from sustainably sourced materials and are classed as biodegradable by regulators. If your machinery operates on or near woodland or farmland, near waterways or the coastline, using them will reduce the impact of an oil spillage and contamination, making your project safer. Biolubricant solutions are available for:

  • Extraction machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Drainage cleaning machinery


Bitumen solutions

Victor Mut, driller, inspecting the top of a styrene tank of the Total petrochemical site of El Prat de Llobregat.

From laying asphalt surfacing through to insulating and weather-proofing roofs, Total Bitumen has a range of high-quality bitumen products to suit your needs. With 50 years of experience in the bitumen market, we are dedicated to developing high performance products that meet the industry’s requirements now and in the future. From products like Azalt ECO2, which saves energy because it can be mixed at lower temperatures, through to polymer modified roofing solutions such as Altek, our products are both durable and innovative. Contact Total Bitumen to find out more.





Fuelling your projects

In addition to a range of lubricants and bitumen solutions for construction projects, our Commercial Fuels division is ready to help you power your business. Our Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel will keep the trucks and other vehicles in your operation running. If you are in the quarrying sector, zero-sulphur gas oil by TotalEnergies can be used to run your crushing machines, excavators and so forth. Get in touch today to talk about our high quality fuels for construction, earthmoving and quarrying equipment.