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For customers across the manufacturing sector we can help cut your costs and run your operation more efficiently as your direct fuel supplier. Diesel, petrol, gas oil, kerosene and a number of other options are available. Whatever your requirements, we are ready to help with high quality fuels and unbeatable value-added services.


Road fuels for manufacturers

TotalEnergies' Commercial Fuels division is ready to supply your fleet of trucks, vans and cars with Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, Premium Unleaded or Super Unleaded petrol products.

By purchasing from TotalEnergies in bulk, you can save money and avoid petrol station forecourt prices. We are ready to meet your needs if your delivery vehicles run on LPG as well, and if your operation includes boats we even offer marine fuel oil.




Off-grid heating solutions

Sometimes heating your facilities via the UK’s major utilities just isn’t economical. If you’re a manufacturer, you can save money using kerosene or gas oil heating solutions, and TotalEnergies has high quality fuels to satisfy your requirements.






Mobile plant, generators and more


In some cases, manufacturing equipment is independently powered using gas oil or an alternative. Mobile plant of various kinds is often run on diesel, petrol or gas oil. And, it’s often more cost effective both in situ and on the move to use your own generators to power your equipment. Whatever the specifics of your operation, contact TotalEnergies to find out how we can fulfil your fuel needs and lower your energy costs.