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Turning, rolling, pipe and bearing manufacture, automotive and aerospace construction – we’ve developed high quality lubricants for a wide range of metalworking processes. Our innovative products have been developed specifically for the challenges laid down in different sectors, and we are at the cutting edge of machining and finishing technology. In addition to the lubricants we market ourselves, we produce high performance base oils and solvents widely used in metalworking fluid formulation.

Boosting productivity

As well as covering all the key metalworking applications, our products ensure the best quality machining and finishing. They’ll introduce a new level of efficiency to your operation with fewer rejects, lower fluid consumption, lower cutting force requirement, longer tool life and lower energy consumption. Jobs will seem lighter for machine operators, and our fluids comply with all current regulations.





The right products in turning

Closely associated with automobile manufacture, turning projects are often run to a just-in-time schedule, requiring fault-free production at a low cost. TotalEnergies oils are formulated to meet your demanding productivity requirements, high quality and safety and environmental regulations. Products include:



  • Valona MS/ST – machining cutting oils.
  • Scilia – multipurpose lubrication used in cutting.
  • Valona GR – for grinding cutting.
  • Lactuca – a macro-emulsion used as a finishing soluble oil.
  • Spirit – a micro-emulsion finishing soluble oil.
  • Vulsol – finishing soluble oil with a synthetic base.
  • Drasta – for quenching.
  • Osyris – anti-rust oil for turning.
  • Finasol and Finadet – degreasing agents used in turning.

Lubricating oils for bearing manufacture

Bearing manufacture demands consistent quality, produced in a short production cycle that’s safe and cost-effective. We supply lubricants for each stage in the process, helping you meet your orders and optimise competitiveness.

Products include:


  • Valona MS – a turning/ring turning cutting oil.
  • Cilia MS - a turning/ring turning cutting oil.
  • Spirit – soluble oil for turning/ring turning.
  • Osyris and Martol EV – for corrosion protection.
  • Martol EP and EV – neat stamping and cutting oils.
  • Lactuca and Spirit – soluble oils for cutting and stamping.
  • Valona MQL – minimum quantity lubrication in stamping and cutting.
  • Valona GR – neat oil for grinding and finishing bearings
  • Vulsol MSF/WBF and Spirit WBF – soluble oils for grinding and finishing.

Solutions for aluminium rolling

As rolling mills turn faster and machinery is capable of greater rates of draft per pass in aluminium rolling, high performance lubricants are required that withstand the forces involved and protect your machinery and final product from damage. Food contact certification may be needed for food industry packaging, and products must meet environmental regulations. We supply fluids that meet all these requirements and more, while helping improve productivity and quality. Products include:


  • Lubrilam S and Lubrilam C – cold rolling oils.
  • Martol EV – oil for levelling under traction.
  • Valona MQL – edge grinding lubricant.
  • Lubrilam Cleaner – fume recovery fluid.
  • Azolla AL – hydraulic oil for the mill.
  • Carter ALS and Carter SH – mill gearbox oils.
  • Osyrix – protecting cylinders from corrosion.
  • Vulsol MSF – grinding maintenance fluid.

Oils for aeronautics construction

Machining quality and competitiveness are critical in the aerospace industry, with tight tolerances and production cycles. Our high performance fluids for metalworking will help you achieve the quality you require within the right tolerances and on time. Solutions include:


  • Spirit – soluble oil for machining, bar turning and drilling.
  • Valona MS and Valona ST – machining oils for aeronautical manufacture.
  • Valona GR and Valona MSF – lubricants for grinding processes.
  • Lactuca – broaching and deep drilling fluids.
  • Valona BR – broaching and deep drilling fluids.
  • Valona MLQ – for high-speed milling.
  • Martol AL and Martol EV/LUG – forming oils.


Base oils for metalworking fluids


In addition to a superb range of lubricants fine-tuned to every aspect of the metal manufacturing process, we offer base oils for the formulation of metalworking fluids. Our Berylane products are used by a variety of leading industry customers, and are renowned for their purity. Odourless, colourless and mild on skin, they’re non-staining and have ultra-low aromatic content. Low evaporation rates and high flashpoints add to their workability and safety credentials, and strong ageing stability means a long service life. They are passed for applications with indirect food contact under NSF H1 and FDA 21 CFR 171.3620(b) and are even biodegradable.