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From drilling for oil and gas reserves through to the day-to-day operation of machinery at the well or on the platform, TotalEnergies offers solutions you can rely on. Our Environmental Drilling Compounds ensure minimal environmental impact from your drilling operation, while our lubricants promise a longer service life for the equipment you use on land or at sea. With the best marine dispersants on hand, we can also help you out in the event of a spill.


Environmental Drilling Compounds

Developed for the oil and gas industry, our Environmental Drilling Compounds (EDCs) are specially designed to deliver optimum performance in the harshest conditions on the planet. In addition to their extreme durability, we’ve ensured these products are safe for the environment, and safe for the workers who handle them.






Minimising environmental risks

  • Low ecotoxicity.
  • Classified as readily biodegradable under OECD 306 guidelines.
  • High degree of purity.

Maximising operator safety

  • Not classified as skin irritants under OECD 404.
  • High flashpoint.
  • No aromatics.
  • Low vapour pressure.
  • Odourless.

Our EDCs meet the needs of both onshore and offshore operations and, awarded with an independently audited TotalEnergies Ecosolutions label, they set the industry benchmark in environmental protection and operator safety.

Lubricants for extraction operations

As well as drilling compounds, TotalEnergies can supply lubricants specifically designed for the full range of equipment used in oil and gas extraction. These include:

  • Greases – multipurpose, water resistant, tubing and casing, open gear and more.
  • Hydraulic fluids – sustaining a range of temperatures and pressures.
  • Crane and winch lubricants – including transmission oils, greases and more.
  • Diesel engine lubricants – for a range of equipment used on-site.
  • Compressor fluids – for air, gas, refrigeration and centrifugal compressors.




Internationally recognised marine dispersants

Most offshore operators take environmental protection very seriously, and nobody ever wants an oil spill to occur. To help mitigate circumstances in that eventuality, TotalEnergies has developed Finasol OSR – a range of high quality marine dispersants. Specifically formulated by our experts, these products break down hydrocarbon pollutants into tiny droplets making it easier for biodegradation to occur.

Fast-acting and effective, Finasol OSR 52 is the first marine dispersant to comply with all three major international regulators – the EPA (US), MMO (UK) and CEDRE (France). For over 20 years, Finasol products have been used to clean up oil spills around the world, and you can rely on TotalEnergies to support you in environmental safety.