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From fuel oils to fire generators, through to lubricants that keep all the machinery working in optimum condition, TotalEnergies has the answer. With technology advancing all the time in the energy sector, we are leading the way with products that facilitate greater fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

The best fuel oils, the best service

Thanks to the quality of our products, and our reliable service, heavy, medium and light fuel oils by TotalEnergies are used to fire generators around the country.

We supply the market through Nickerson Fuel Oil – the UK’s heavy fuel oil specialist. A division of TotalEnergies, Nickerson has a reputation for quality and efficiency, and operates a dedicated tanker fleet. From the refinery to the fuel tanks at your facility, you can rely on our support logistics. Deliveries are prompt and accurate, and our team is always ready to go beyond the expectations of our customers.



Lubricants for every kind of generator

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With our in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the energy industry, we’ve developed oils and greases perfectly suited to a whole range of generators and other equipment. TotalEnergies international research centres are continually formulating newer and better lubricants to guarantee optimum performance, fuel efficiency and the best protection for your machinery. And, our lubricant experts will support you by ensuring you’re using the right products, changing them at the right time, and always have a ready supply on hand. We’ll keep you running smoothly with products covering:

  • Hydro, steam and gas turbine oils
  • Gas engine oils
  • Wind turbines Transformer fluids